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SHOT Show 2016 Special Edition Day 1: Cimarron Eliminator Series

Cimarron offers firearms used to tame the frontier in Texas and the American West. Often regarded as the leader in Cowboy Action authenticity, Cimarron has supported Cowboy Action Shooters since 1987. For 2016, Cimarron continues that tradition with three new pistols in the Eliminator series.

Jamison Brass Captech loads and the Smith & Wesson Model 1917


Jamison Brass and Ammunition — Captech .45 AR Loads

Despite a long history and periods when no .45 AR revolvers were manufactured, the .45 AR is alive and popular with diehard enthusiasts. According to the author, “Revolvers in .45 AR are simply the finest combat revolvers ever manufactured.” Read the full story to find out why and learn more about the .45 Auto Rim.

Singer Mfg. Model 1911A1 Serial Number 1 Semiautomatic Pistol


5 Handguns You Should Shoot Before You Die

Out of the classic handguns, which five should be high on your priority list to shoot before you die? This particular writer’s picks probably won’t surprise you…or will they? Read on to find out what top five handguns you need to shoot before you die.

Old long barrel revolver


Add Some P For Extra Zip!

Plus P (+P) ammo comes highly recommended to load in your personal defense firearm. But there are many who find the higher pressures, larger muzzle flash and more muzzle flip a little too much for arthritic and injured hands or wrists. What is one to do if +P is just too much? Will normal self-defense ammo do the trick? Gun blogger and firearms instructor, James R. Rummel specializes in training those who have hand injuries and in this article he explains the differences in standard pressure and +P ammo….do you think it will be subtle or not?

Stainless steel palm-sized mini revolver with wood grips


The One Gun I Loved, But Sold Anyway

Do you have that one gun that got away? One that you will regret selling forever? Shooter’s Log writer and editor, Suzanne Wiley does. After selling expensive, quality self-defense concealed carry guns, classic military rifles and various other firearms, you will be surprised at which one she regrets selling the most.

Black, full-sized 9mm pistol


The Top 7 Highest-Rated Handguns

Do you consider what others say about a product before buying it? Cheaper Than Dirt!’s rating system helps you understand how a particular firearm performs in the real world before committing to purchase. This list is based on our highest-rated self-defense handguns. After reading the list, do you agree with what our reviewers said?

Traditions 1873 revolver in half-cock position


Traditions 1873 Revolver—Cowboy Action, Cowpoke, Self Defense

When the cowboy-shooting bug bites you, you get it bad. I love handling, loading, unloading and firing these revolvers, but they are too valuable and too expensive to own. That is why I turn to modern replicas like the Traditions revolver—a first class, well-made cowboy action shooter.