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Pistol firing with expended shell still in the air


Handgun Defense Loads

Designed to give handgun cartridges a step up in power and energy by increasing velocity, +P ammunition is not more dangerous; it simply is loaded to greater pressure. What is your choice for a handgun defensive round?

SPS Vista Long


SHOT 2013 Preview: SPS Vista Pistols

Eagle Imports, the exclusive distributor of the Metro Arms family of products, is now distributing the SPS Vista performance pistol models. The SPS Vista Long and SPS Vista Short are serious competitors with built-in accuracy, speed and reliability.

Silver barreled, black handled Walther PPK with a focus on the safety mechanism, against a white background


Handgun Safeties

There are many mechancial safety options for guns these days, although the #1 safety training and practice. Read this post to learn about what safety options are available.