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The Federal Assault Weapons Ban: 10 Years After

As we look back 10 yeas ago today, the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban was just ending due to the Sunset Provision written into the law. What lawmakers and antigun politicians thought was an end to gun violence; in reality, the Assault Weapons Ban did nothing. Ten years after, what has happened since? What did we learn? This article walks through the major lessons learned and how ineffective AWB was—including statistics on handgun violence, mass shootings and the amount of firearms owned in America today.


“We’re going to find out who did this and we’re going after the bastards.” ~Sen. Orrin Hatch

The 13th anniversary of 9/11 conjures more than sad memories. Remembering the terrorist attacks evokes feelings of depression as well as inspiration. The loss of life, the victims in the towers, Pentagon, plane passengers and rescue workers mark a sad day in our history. At the same time, this same group demonstrated the highest form of goodness inherent to the American spirit and our willingness to make the supreme sacrifice for the good of our fellow man.

3 Tan boxes of Hornaday 8mm cartridges with red and black lettering stacked on top of each other, with 7 cartridges lying aroud the boxes on a white background


8mm—The World’s Most Underrated Rifle Cartridge

There are a million Mauser rifles out there. Many of the owners do not realize how effective the Mauser rifle is and the the 8mm Mauser is a first class cartridge with much to recommend. Read this post to find out the best 8mm ammo you can get for your money.

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The .30 Carbine: The Original Personal Defense Weapon

There are millions of .30-caliber carbines. Sure, some are collectible, although none are too nice to shoot. They shoot well and are great recreational rifles. Read this post to find out why it is still a good choice today, and give the old gun a try.

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Today We Celebrate Our Freedom

250 years ago, America’s founding fathers set down what would become a tradition of fighting for freedom. What freedoms are you fighting for? As you assemble freely on Independence Day to stuff yourself with hotdogs, worship, watch fireworks, shoot guns, and fellowship with others, I ask you to take a moment to reflect on Patrick Henry’s words to the members of a Virginia Congress, “Give me liberty or give me death!”

Picture shows a worn pair of military surplus ski goggles.


Military Surplus Spotlight: “The Ski Troopers” WWII Ski Goggles

Though you know heroes and freedom fighters of yesteryear used much of the military surplus items you acquire, it is rare to come across a piece with such a specific history. Buried deep in a Swiss bunker, we found original WWII, U.S. Mountain Troop ski goggles manufactured by Foster Grant. These well-worn military surplus goggles are a true piece of history. To know that a member of the “greatest generation” fought so hard in such harsh conditions fighting off the Germans, the well-worn goggles are worth every penny.

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Restrictive, Cumbersome Gun Laws Burden Law-Abiding Citizens

Some states have laws that make it more difficult than ever for law-abiding citizens to own and carry guns. Loose interpretation of the laws that govern firearms has ignited much debate. From California to Illinois to Connecticut and a few states in between, this article exposes some of the gun controls now in place to ensure what law-makers believe is the safety or well-being of citizens. Read this article and draw your own conclusions.

Picture shows a cameo painting of Irish gun maker, John Rigby.


30 Days of Preparing for Spring Storms and the Stinging Heat of Summer Day 17: Ireland’s Most Famous Gun Maker John Rigby

Rigby was known for their dueling pistols and are now synonymous with fine hunting rifles designed for big and African game. They are the third oldest gunmaker in the world. John Rigby was born in 1758 and established his fine firearms company John Rigby and Co in 1775 in Dublin, Ireland. Rigby served as a Grenadier Captain in the Independent Dublin Volunteers—the Irish militia raised to defend Ireland after British soldiers left the country to fight the Revolutionary War. John Rigby was also an active Freemason and excellent marksman.