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Picture shows a Kahr Arms handgun finished in "Tiffany blue" laying in a box from Tiffany and Co.


Top 10 Handgun Posts, August 2014

Readers who visit The Shooter’s Log show a lot of interest in handguns of all types, sizes, budgets, and uses. Here are our top-ten most-read posts about sidearms and accessories this year.

Gray-haired man with GLOCK 19 pistol in ready position.


Glock 19 Pros and Cons

The GLOCK 19 9mm is highly regarded by GLOCK fans and others. It is perfect? No, nothing this side of Paradise is perfect, but the GLOCK 19 just might be a little bit of heaven in some hands. Check out this post to see if it is the right fit for you.

Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum and roll of money


You Can’t Fix Gun Control Stupid — Not Even With $50 Million!

Michael Bloomberg fires another $50 million aimed at gun control. Perhaps he should have learned how to align his sights, but you should be glad he did not. The anti-gunner message actually demonstrates why you should own a gun! Also included are state laws you should know for emergency right to carry.


Top 10 High Powered Headlines: August 9, 2014

All week, the outdoor writing and gun blogging team from The Shooter’s Log—Cheaper Than Dirt!’s blog—have gathered the top headlines affecting gun owners and the firearms industry. It has not been a slow week. There has been significant wins and loses for the Second Amendment in the past week. No doubt, the biggest news story has been Washington D.C.’s rule that the ban on handguns is unconstitutional. Now we wait for them to enact concealed laws, about as impatiently as we wait for the release of the rumored GLOCK single-stack 9mm. Read the Top 10 High Powered Headlines for that and more news on Remington’s R51, as well as gun control laws in Missouri, Illinois, Florida and Massachusetts.

Picture shows a Saiga.


High Powered Headlines: August 7, 2014

Is the gun that the GLOCK Model 42 should have been on its way? Speaking of guns, we discuss nine new “smart” guns in development—some with such scary technology that the gun will sense when it is in a gun free zone and will cease to fire. Further, RWC Group plans to release a few Saiga rifles from Kalashnikov Concern that are still available in September. We have item numbers for you! Today’s High Powered Headlines featured in the Shooter’s Log, Cheaper Than Dirt!’s blog has the hottest news that gun owners want to read.

All black GLOCK 21 on a white background, barrel pointed to the left


Glock’s Soft-Shooting .45: The Glock Model 21

It is big, light and has an impressive reserve of ammunition. The Glock 21 .45 ACP is also among the most accurate and soft shooting of all Glock pistols. Read this post for the details of what makes it such an asset to your arsenal.

Black box with red and gold lettering of JHP training loads 50to a box on a white background


Train and Defend Ammo

The Winchester Train and Defend ammo line is the perfect way to practice well and defend yourself since you’re using the same basic ammo. Read this post for details about how to use this line to be the best shooter you can be.

Concealed Carry

Commonality of Handguns

Commonality among handguns purchased for different shooters in your home may mean survival. It’s one thing to have different handguns when you’re an experienced shooter. If you aren’t, or have multiple shooters in your home, making sure they are similar and that family members are properly trained and practice properly, is essential. Read this post to find out why.

GLOCK 42 profile view


Not a Glock Fan

I’m not a fan of Glocks. I never have been. I have always liked attractive guns. For handguns, that meant things like the venerable Browning Hi-Power with wood grips, the 1911 Colt in blue with Rosewood trim, and even James Bond’s Walter PPK because of its unique lines. I always found Glocks to be a bit ugly.

Rock Island Auction Company

Consumer Information

Rock Island Auction Company’s July 2014 Regional Sale

Rock Island Auction Company is the world’s #1 auction company for firearms, bladed weapons and militaria. RIAC’s latest auction will include almost 7,000 firearms in over 3,000 lots. With the firearms market returning to a sense of normalcy, this is an excellent time to buy that special gun or lot of guns you have been dreaming about.