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firing a gun through a coat pocket

Safety and Training

Everyday Carry Means Everyday Awareness

The facts are not in your favor if you don’t consider your everyday carry (EDC) gear and learn to use it well. Of course, your gear should be chosen after more than a 15-minute investigation. Step through the factors the author thinks you need to consider to be prepared on a daily basis.

Three pistols highlighting different grip angles


Grip Angle Doesn’t Matter: Why I Rock a (Nearly) Stock Glock

Have you spent a bunch of money on aftermarket parts and accessories for your concealed carry or home-defense gun? You might want to rethink drastically changing that factory pistol.
Are a pistol’s “enhanced” or “improved” ergonomics all a marketing sham? Do they actually make a difference in how well you shoot? One author says no. Here’s why…

Glock 42 .380 ACP pistol


Glock 42 Review

Will the new subcompact Glock 42 .380 ACP replace this veteran police officer’s trusty snubnose .38? Read guest blogger Ron Horner’s account of his time with the Glock 42.