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brightness controls on the EOTech HWS

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Review: EOTech Red Dot HWS

If there is anything I have learned in 40 years of shooting, it is if you buy cheap, you buy twice. When it comes to optics many that are OK for informal target practice and others are suited to some forms of competition. However, if you need a quality holographic sight for critical use, few if any, have stood the test of time as the EOTech sight has.

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EOTech 512: The Gold Standard of Reflex Sights

EOTech’s Model 512 leads sales and for good reasons such as fast target acquisition, outstanding reliability and long battery life just to name a few, but the EOTech 512 has so much more. Read the entire article to learn why the Model 512 is in such high demand.

Dave Dolbee posed with trophy wild boar and Weatherby .257 Magnum rifle


Top Optics for Hog Hunters

Whitetails may still be America’s number one game animal, but feral hogs are a close second. Check out our top choices of optics for hogs to increase your success!

EOTech Model 512 Crossbow


Through the Looking Glass

Given the rate products are flying off the shelves at Cheaper Than Dirt! and elsewhere around the country, it’s not worth being too picky in deciding which products deserve flavor of the week treatment, so I am not going to even try. I have already played with a whole goody bag full of new offerings this year and will roll out a handful of new products each week, so enjoy and keep checking back!