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Beretta ARX160


SHOT 2014 — Cheaper Than Dirt’s Top Picks from Media Day

Getting up before dawn isn’t hard when you know you will be spending all day shooting the newest and coolest rifles, shotguns and handguns while also getting to check out the latest in bullets, optics and other accessories. We spent all day at 2014’s Industry Day at the Range going from booth to booth testing out the latest and greatest gear. At the end of the day, it didn’t take us long to come to a consensus which firearms were our favorite. Little debate developed between our favorite shotguns, the Benelli SuperSport and the Browning 725 20 gauge, but hands down the Beretta ARX-160 was our favorite rifle, while the Rock Island TCM .22 1911 took top choice for favorite semi-auto.


SIG SAUER Scorpion – Modern Battle Pistol with a Sting

The SIG Sauer Scorpion takes the 1911 to a new level in performance and reliability. From the Cerakote finish to the beavertail grips, it is a winner. Although there are different lengths, the author chose the Commander length to test it’s usefullness as a personal defense handgun and it proved an excellent, powerful choice. Read this post to learn the details and options, plus check out how it performed at the range.

A dark gray and silver LW frame .45 with a wood-grained grip lying on a gray blue background with a box of ammunition.


Taurus PT 1911 Range Report

The original 1911s, first manufactured over 100 years ago, were handmade by skilled worksmen: that puts it out of reach for today’s market. The Taurus PT 1911 performs beautifully at a mid-range price with stellar performance and many options.

Chiappa 1911-22 pistol with two magazines


Chiappa’s Affordable 1911-22

The Chiappa 1911-12 is a reliabile, inexpensive pistol and a great starter for anyone and a must have for a 1911 fan. It takes less cleaning than most guns in this category and is great for both marksmanship training and recreation.

The Para Ordnance .45 barrel pointed to the left with a brown grip on a black gun and on a white background.


Para Ordnance Expert Commander

The Para Ordnance Expert Commander is an excellent personal defense system when combined with a good holster and the right ammunition. It’s fast from leather, is well fitted and the slide runs smoothly on the frame rails.

Bob Campbell


American Tactical (GSG) .22 Caliber 1911

The American Tactical .22 Caliber 1911 is an excellent German-manufactured reliable gun at a reasonable price with flexible ammunition options and the ability to add a sound suppressor and well designed sights and controls. Read this article to get all the details you need to make an informed decision.

The Canik 55 side view


Canik 55 Shark 9mm Pistol, a Handy, Accurate Choice

The Canik 55 Shark 9mm Pistol is a handy, accurate choice with a spare magazine. Backed by a top notch manufacturer, this handgun weighs only 27 ounces and has a 3.9″ barrel with a double-action trigger. The combination of good sights, a good trigger action and a low bore axis add up to a pistol that is pleasant to use and fire.

The Ruger SR1911 CMD .45 with a Two-Tone soft gray green treatment with brown grip against a log


Ruger’s SR1911 CMD .45—The Right Gun at the Right Time

Advances in firearms are often slower and incremental in nature. Society changes but slowly and so do society’s tools. When the 1911 pistol was adopted for U.S. military use and then a generation later improved into the 1911A1, few could foresee the tremendous popularity of the type. The 1911 went from a fight-winning pistol to a handgun used in competition and which won every competition it entered. Read this article to learn how Ruger has made improvements on this standard.