SAF Slams Apple Execs for Changing Handgun Emoji

Apple revolver and water pistol emojis

The decision by Apple executives to replace a cartoon revolver emoji with one of a squirt gun is a “combination of childishness and anti-gun demagoguery,” the Second Amendment Foundation said in response to the announcement. Apple revolver and water pistol emojis “This doesn’t just border on the absurd, it completely crosses the boundary,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “This is the sort of intolerance that comes from letting the gun prohibition lobby get away with demonization and hate.” Apple announced that the emoji swap would happen in September. It’s part of an update of the iPhone and iPad iOS 10, and the change has already been cheered by anti-gun groups.

“Now that they have bullied Apple into changing its emoji from a cartoon revolver to a water pistol,” Gottlieb wondered, “how long will it take the gun banners to demand that the squirt gun be removed? “While this story seems ridiculous on its face,” he continued, “it raises alarms about the totalitarian mindset behind this kind of decision. This is no longer just about the Second Amendment, it’s about First Amendment rights, too. It shows that the gun prohibition lobby is so strident that they want to ban images of fake guns.

“There is no doubt that anti-gun comments by President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton help further this type of atmosphere,” Gottlieb said. “This is a perfect example of politically correct extremism, and at what point does even a tolerant society like ours need to draw the line? “Maybe gun owners should think twice about buying any more Apple products,” he concluded, “unless they include a rotten Apple emoji.”

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  1. Probably NOT Such a Good Idea. The RCMP of Canada Discovered that the Encryption on Blackberry (an “OS”/ Android) LAST Encryption Update was in 2010. And is One of The Easiest Systems to Hack Into.

  2. Every liberal Ive ever know that is involved in Media , the Art, publishing and all the none rational idea development types have used Apple products. So the type of OS you use depends on what sort of group you listen too and if you use rational thought processes to solve everyday problems in your daily life. Personally I don’t care for Apple products and the so-called advantage they are supposed to have over other OSs and produces.But hey its a free world still so use whatever toots your horn!

  3. I’m surprised the water gun isn’t rainbow colored. The apple execs need to keep a water gun under there pillow in case someone tries to break in to there mansions. Actually they probably have armed bodyguards.

    1. @ tex

      I think the “Water Pistol” is a Metaphor for the NRA. But WHAT the Representation Means, is Anyone’s Guess?

  4. Dont you’ll know that liberal gun grabbers all fly in the same flock. To bad we cant hunt that sorry flock during duck hunting season! Maybe we could send them the way of the passenger pigeons or the dodos.

  5. No Apple phones for me.
    No Facebook, Twitter or SnapChat either.

    Every American citizen, who supports our 1st & 2nd Amendment rights under the US Constitution, needs to wear a Navy blue shirt, every Friday to work and also to the voting booth this November.

    Let’s let folks know who we are by showing them.

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