Remington Moves Several Plants to Alabama

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Remington Outdoor Company officially announced that it is consolidating several facilities to Remington’s new location in Huntsville, Alabama. Previously, ROC had 19 locations in the United States. Remington LogoRemington’s Director of Public Affairs and Relations Teddy Novin said, “We have announced the consolidation of multiple company plants into our Huntsville, Alabama facility. This was a strategic business decision to concentrate our resources into fewer locations and improve manufacturing efficiency and quality. We are working hard to retain as many from the affected facilities as possible.” Among the facilities being relocated to Huntsville are:

  • TAPCO of Kennesaw, Georgia
  • LAR Manufacturing of West Jordan, Utah
  • PARA US of Pineville, North Carolina
  • DPMS of St. Cloud, Minnesota
  • Advanced Armament Corp of Lawrenceville, Georgia
  • Bushmaster (AR-15) production from Illion, New York
  • Remington R1 (1911) production from Illion, New York
  • Montana Rifleman in Kalispell, Montana

Earlier this year, Remington opened a new 500,000-square-foot plant in Huntsville.

“We plan to create more than 2,000 jobs in Huntsville over the next decade,” said George Kollitides, Chairman and CEO, Remington Outdoor Company. “This additional capacity is essential to fulfill demand and introduce new products. We’ve watched our company grow from 2,400 employees in 2008 to 4,200 employees by the end of 2013.” Here are other Shooter’s Log stories about recent company moves:

Who do you think will move next? Tell us in the comment section.

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  1. Meanwhile, my R51, which fired 9 shots then mechanically jammed, took 4 weeks to get an RMA, and now is 5 weeks at Remington, supposedly for repair. Email responses basically say, “we don’t know about your gun, we’ll email you when it’s done.” Awful customer service, and my fellow vets are watching this closely. The money grubbers often cause loss of customers. The issues with the 700? Buying up the competition? In the time of GM and Toyota, is this another corporate giant clone? I’m done with unreliable Remington.

    1. When the ammo shortage was at it’s worst I could still find a little 30-06 in several American brands.All looked good except Remington.Box after box the brass had small dents and looked like they were not wiped clean before being boxed. 30 year old rem and new win i have is all good. The big corps are selling out the small guy.Small shop owners tell me they can’t even get sales reps to come to the shop. 1 rep can cover 100 Big box stores but it would take 100 reps to cover all the small shops who would only buy smaller amounts. When the small shops are gone it will be easy for local powers to control ammo supplies. Already the biggest retailer in America has pulled gun and ammo from some locations due to local pressure. The big box dose not live or die on one product. Corps also have a LEGAL requirement to maximize profit for share holders.Don’t know what the answer is.

    2. I love Cheaper than Dirt and spend more on supplies than I should.But even CTD has bent to pressure .There are products that are legal in California but CTD will not ship them to the peoples republic of California. I can buy them in any good gun store.THANK YOU CTD for this blog.

  2. A lot of those company’s are from gun friendly states with good people losing their jobs. I worry that DPMS and Para and Bushmaster brands will just go away because Remington already makes an AR rifle and 1911 clone just another big company getting rid of their competition

  3. Concerns me though that the Freedom Group and Remington own so many arms manufacturers! Too much power and control centered in one business entity. Other concern is all these companies being forced into one large manufacturing complex…..that reeks of potential destruction. That’s why diverse operations are safer…. just “food” for thought

  4. Well, who will make out in the end. The politican’s of all the states they are moving out of and the gun manufacturer’s because of the lower cost of living in the states they are moving to. Good for them and their Pro Gun Politican’s. The losers are the people who lost their good jobs abd the Pro Gunners who kept voting in the wrong politican’s and were not positive enough to stop their foolishness and kept saying to themselves “It won’t happen to us”. Well, here they are.

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