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Are You Prepared for Imminent Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil?

September is National Preparedness Month, and by now we should all have supplies ready for a hurricane, earthquake, flood, tornado or any other natural disaster that could happen. However, recent news events suggest the biggest threat on the horizon may not be natural at all.Instead, it will be much more sinister and perhaps deadly. The following is a synopsis of news and intelligence reports that suggest we need to prepare for something much worse than Mother Nature. After reading, leave a comment with your thoughts of what people need to do to prepare for the fallout from a terrorist attack.

Medic donning body armor
What type of preparedness do you need? Body armor will not do you much good against a tornado, but spare water and a weather radio will not help against a home invasion.

According to news reports and a handful of independent intelligence sources, credible information has reached Saudi, British and Australian agencies that two al Qaeda branches—IS in Iraq and Syria and al Qaeda AP in Yemen—have finalized plans for coordinated terrorist attacks around the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. According to counterterrorism sources, the groups are preparing to strike simultaneously in the Middle East and a West European city. Next, they will go for U.S. targets either in the Middle East, Europe or here in the states.

Secure Borders?

According to Judicial Watch, high-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources have confirmed that a warning bulletin for an imminent terrorist attack on the border has been issued. Judicial Watch reported that Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and are planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle-born improvised explosive devices (VBIED). Accordingly, it reported that Fort Bliss was named as a target and several sources have confirmed an increased security measures at the base.

Will the attack come on 9/11 or …?

More recently, new intelligence started contradicting earlier reports and suggesting the attacks on the U.S. homeland may take place in the weeks following 9/11. According to Islamist experts, ISIS and AQAP have decided to delay direct terrorist action in the United States. The general consensus was a calculation that an attack on America will have a greater shock impact some time after the first cycle of outrages from attacks abroad, toward the end of 2014 or early 2015. This would prolong the pain, but also makes it harder for U.S. Forces and law enforcement to remain alert for such a prolonged period of time.

Much of the latest assessment came after Saudi King Abdullah warned the West that Al Qaeda’s plans were imminent. “If neglected, I am certain that after a month they will reach Europe and, after another month, America,” the king firmly and flatly stated.

The king issued his warning on the occasion of the U.S. Ambassador Joseph Westphal’s formal presentation of credentials. Normally, this might not seem significant, however there is a backstory. The Ambassador has been in place for about two years, so it is odd that the king is suddenly getting around to asking for his credentials. Instead, it is believed the request for credentials was an excuse to hand over the intelligence under formal-facing channels. The United States’ ties are not as strong with the Saudi’s as they were during the Bush administration or even in 2009 when President Obama allegedly bowed to the Saudi king. (Allegedly only because the White House vehemently denied what the rest of the world clearly seemed to observe.)

First responder working on a medical dummy
Have you invested in a quality tactical medic’s course? Is something beyond a butterfly bandage and CPR training necessary?

International Response

European leaders certainly seem to be taking the warnings seriously enough. The prime ministers of Britain and Australia, David Cameron and Tony Abbott, appear particularly concerned with the Saudi king’s warnings since Saudi intelligence shares the view that a great number of lives are at stake if Al Qaeda consummates its plans and Europe is slated to be the first to get hit.

U.S. intelligence and counterterrorism sources have shown agreement by disclosing that the data on the two Al Qaeda groups’ plans to mark the 9/11 anniversary with major attacks has been in the hands of Middle Eastern, European and U.S. security agencies since at least the second week of May 2014. However, President Obama’s recent admission as to the lack of a plan to deal with ISIS abroad casts doubt over the resources dedicated or in place to handle this particular threat of an attack here at home.

Prime Minister Cameron has taken preliminary steps to combat the danger to his country by asking parliament to urgently approve sweeping legislation to combat the “scourge of extremism.” These efforts would include the power to seize the passports of an estimated 500 British Muslims known to be frequent travelers to Turkey, Syria and Iraq and who are strongly suspected of identifying with Al Qaeda’s jihadist ideology.

Most counterterrorism experts fear that these measures if approved would come too late to pre-empt Al Qaeda’s 9/11 anniversary plot. Do you believe it is too late to ‘close the barn doors’ here at home and prevent an attack as well? Given the current state of our borders, is a seized passport sufficient to prevent terrorists from entering the U.S.?

Make a Plan

September is National Preparedness Month and while large coordinated attacks are of major concern, smaller lone wolf-style attacks are more likely to affect each of us in a way that we can adequately prepare to prevent or minimize. Here is a basic list of items everyone should already have, but what are your thoughts regarding an imminent terrorist attack sometime over the next three months? What would you add to the list in preparation against the imminent threat of a terrorist attack such as firearms, ammunition, gas masks, protective clothing, medications?

If successfully attempted or carried out, do you think an attack would be a small-scale local event like the Boston Marathon bombings or something larger such as an attack on the electrical grid or water supplies? What supplies or preparations do you think are necessary for an active shooter situation or mass casualty?

Add your suggestions and ideas and lists in the comment section and we will compile and publish them for the entire community.


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Comments (46)

  1. Don’t forget there is more to this than food and ammo.If you are on long term medication, realize that most plans will refill you on the 23rd day. Set that week’s worth aside and keep doing it until you have a good sized collection of what you need to maintain yourself and family. I’ve got 2 year’s worth and rotate the bottles so they don’t expire. If you have good insurance, always get ALL of your refills. Kitty Litter 35 pound yellow plastic containers make great, seal-able storage containers. Diabetics take note. Your “grab bag” should include a bag full of your test strips and meds.

  2. Basically you need anything and everything…



    Cooking means

    Weapons including guns, bow & arrows, knives

    Hand tools that are no electrical

    Lumber PVC PIPING…

    extra gas, flashlights lanterns that run on fluids wooden matches, bails of straw lighter fluid LOTS of charcoal, chain saws extra parts storage barrels to store 300 gals of water…

    Passive rain collection systems… Tarps

    Medical supplies/ first aid

    It just goes on and on because depending on what happens it could 2 weeks… 2 months… 2 years before things get up and running…

    So one needs to set a target date for how long you want to survive… 2 months. 6 months 2 years and hope you make it that far and things become somewhat normal.

    You have to asses the threat assessment and estimate how long things go down and go well beyond that time period for every thing you need to have.

    Hope for the best… Prepare for the worse…all you can do.

  3. It should be common sense, but it bears mentioning: Using duct tape and plastic sheeting to completely seal off a room is not recommended unless you have an air filtration system feeding that room. Otherwise, you will die from suffocation. (i.e. oxygen is not being replenished)

  4. For those that are not following (Carl R.), they are asking for positive input and suggestions for dealing with a SHTF scenario, however that may be created. Having said that, it would also be wise to stock up on medical supplies and trauma kits. We keep full kits with all our tactical gear as well as in each vehicle, alongside our B.O.B.s. There are a lot of great schools and courses available from basic to combat medic under fire, designed for what civilians could face in a worse case scenario. If the 911 system is overwhelmed and we have no first responders, it’ll be up to each of us to have the knowledge and the skills to address these issues. Lets hope it never comes to that, but lets also be prepared and not simply rely on hope!

  5. Steve Cullen
    “just the fact that I am not one of the 90% of the population who is clueless/uninformed/or any or all of the above.”

    @Steve Cullen
    That’s being a bit generous. That figure has got to be closer to 98% 🙂

  6. Obama Yo Mom Ma’s only goal has been the destruction of the United States Of America! He has been doing just that, with the help of all the like minded fellow air heads, he has placed in government jobs all over this nation.
    They LIE about everything under, above and around the sun. They hate the U.S. Constitution. Only using it when it meets their goals and then flushing it when not in their favor.
    How long is it going to take the voting citizens of this nation to wake up?
    As long as Obama Yo Mom Ma is in NO danger from outside the White House he could care less about anyone else.
    Hillary Clinton has only a few differences than Obama Yo Mom Ma.
    1. She is just like her so called husband Bill. If it is supported by a majority of the citizens, I am all for it, no matter what.
    2. When I am running this government, I will not speak softly and will use a big stick.
    3. Don’t cross me on anything I do or say.
    4. I don’t play golf to get away from the pressure of the job. I hang out with my girl friends.
    5. If I am making billions off of anything, I am for it, no matter what!
    In other words, “Its all about me, Not any one else!”
    The true dictator herself!

  7. As I have been posted the past couple of days here since I’m new to this site.

    But I’ve worked in law enforcement for about 26 years and security for about 7 or 8 years now, even on the Federal level.

    Do I have all the answers? NO, am I more knowledgeable than the average citizen? Probably.

    That said my mind set/DNA is to be aware/proactive/and prepared for whatever may happen as best as I can be, knowing that I can not know all the things that may come before me.

    I also am wired to use deadly force if the situation requires and have no issue in doing so. It’s the way I’ve been trained and it’s in my DNA so to speak.

    I also know no weapon is ideal for all situations, so I’m presently adding my weaponry to meet my particular needs….handguns to long rifles as well as what I feel will be a sufficient amount of ammo to feel that I have enough on hand to adequately handle any and all situations

    I realize that without enough ammo weapons become useless.

    I also know food is necessary as much as weapons and ammo as well.

    Plus additional needs also will be required for most situations and I’m taking steps to address those needs. I have 200lbs of charcoal on hand, and look to get 5-7 cords of firewood.

    One thing I am or do is analyze things to the hilt….it’s just the way I am.

    Therefore, I am trying to address as many “what if” scenario’s as possible, knowing I can’t be 100% accurate.

    So I am also trying to come up with some “MacGyver” means and methods as well.

    Can I or do I want to go to “bunker” Nope…not going to happen for various reasons. But protected, hopefully I’ll be. That’s all I can do at this point.

    Protection, food and shelter will be my 3 primary objectives to meet.

    Will I be able to help other’s? Probably not.

    Plus if others are clueless and not prepared then I’m sorry for them….but their failure to prepare is not my responsibility.

    I’ve been a around for a long long time… shortly after WWII….and I’ve ever seen a point in time as dire as it is today.

    I’ve spoken to some people who views/feelings are “if things get real bad, and I must die then I’ll be going to a better place”….

    That’s not my “mantra”….rather I refuse to quit and if any SOB wants to take me down they’ll have to earn it, and hopefully I can take a few of them before they get me. I will not quit, surrender or go down without a fight.

    Sorry, but that’s just the way I am.

    That said, I’m, playing catch up at the moment, and probably need 4-6 months to get to where I want to be and feel secure and adequately prepared.

    I’m also a “certified news junkie” as well, and can pretty much “quote chapter and verse” as far as what’s going on in this world.

    Most I’ve found can’t even tell you who the current US Attorney General is….let alone what ISIS is or means….their problem, not mine.

    Nor do I feel that I want to sit back and have some dude with a towel wrapped around his head decide to separate my head from my body….rather I’ll be more than happy to put a 40 cal. slug between his eyes or center chest and move on to the next one if I have to.

    Unfortunately I feel we’re at a similar stage of time and history that took place prior to Dec 7th 1940 or 1941 in Pearly Harbor….

    I also feel that this time whatever takes place going forth won’t take place in some distant country as it happened in WWI or WWII, but it will take place here just like two previous wars….the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

    Therefore, I and only I since it’s my responsibility take charge for my family will do what I feel is proper, correct and appropriate “JUST IN CASE”….

    I hope to hell I’m wrong, but just in case my expectations are correct I’ll be prepared….all others are on their own.

    Selfish???? I don’t think so in this case….just the fact that I am not one of the 90% of the population who is clueless/uninformed/or any or all of the above.

    I’ve predicted “dark clouds on the horizon” for several years now….I no longer see that happening….rather I see the “Perfect Storm” forming….and it’s time to button up, make final preparations just as I did when Hurricane Andrew came in to S. Florida.

    My assessment is “Things are going to get real bad, real soon”….

    Hope I’m wrong, but just incase I’m right I’ll be one up on most.

    That’s all I can do

    Best to all…

    1. Well said…There are two types of enemy…
      Those that have been properly dealt with and those that are still alive.
      Doing whatever it takes to survive is purely elemental to any creature on the planet. Those who are not prepared will not survive.

  8. It is impossible to be 100% secure, or even 100% prepared for the multitude of terror attack possibilities. But ANY preparedness is better than none. We have been prepping for years, security and self reliance are our #1 priorities. In the event of large scale chaos – we are prepared with food, medical issues & a means of securing it from the Ferguson & Katrina minded thugs. There are basically 2 breeds of behavior in any crisis; the ones who simply take advantage of a chaotic event, and the ones who are have not prepared and resort to desperate measures. The #1 problem we plan around, is safely reaching the security of our home if we are out when chaos ensues. Keep gas tanks full – keep weapons and some basic nutritional resources with you at all times – have a contingency. Talk openly with your immediate family and at minimum do a table top exercise where there is a common strategy known by everyone involved in your plan. Every US city has approximately 3 days of food & fuel resources. Where this article suggest to be prepared for at least this long, I suggest a minimum of 30 days for a even a novice prepper. Ice storm threats in the south can empty supermarket shelves in hours & enighbors caught short because they did not get to the grocery store in time. This is almost negligent in my opinion for any head of a household to be so dependent on a “run to the market to stock up” so his/her family can ride out a few days of ice. . but it happens. We have a complicit media that either hypes events, or downplays them to a gullible population. Be prepared and depend on yourself and your prepper circle is my advice.

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