Safety and Training

Throwback Thursday: The Four Second Assessment

These quick assessments we have learned from years in the executive protection industry remarkably apply to you as well. It is estimated that people make a judgment about you in four seconds. If you are a celebrity, executive, or a regular person going about your life, in four seconds you judge and are judged regardless of what you want to believe.

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Arex Introduces New Striker-Fired Polymer Pistol — Arex Delta First Look

Arex broke into the market in a big way with the introduction of the Rex Zero 1S. The pistol was not revolutionary and chock full of new features. Instead, many labeled its reliability as the ultimate SHTF gun—an improvement on current popular models all combined into one gun. The Zero 1 was followed by the Alpha, an out-of-the-box competition-ready pistol with an MSRP around $1,000. For 2019, Arex is set to release the Delta, a striker-fired polymer pistol, and The Shooter’s Log went to Slovenia to get a first look at the prototype.

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Camping & Survival

TT: Urban Survival and Prepping for Beginners: Bugging In vs. Bugging Out

Not everyone has the ways and means to leave when the S really HTF. Some have unreliable transportation or no personal transportation at all. Others may not have the luxury of having a bug-out location, family, or friends to run to. That doesn’t mean you can’t survive. In some cases, bugging in is the best and safest option.

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