SHOT 2015—Glock’s New G40 MOS—Not the Home Run we had Hoped?


If you believe bigger is better, you are going to love where Glock innovative minds have been moving. At the 2015 SHOT Show Media Day at the Range, Glock debuted its new G40. Longer than any previous model, the G40 in the MOS (Mounting Optics System) configuration has a feature previously only available via a lot of custom gunsmithing.

Glock’s G40 Gen4 in MOS configuration starts with a full six inches of barrel length. This is going to increase the accuracy potential and give the competitive shooter, hunter or backyard plinker a huge advantage. The increased length also offers improved velocity and hit potential with a 15-round capacity magazine as well.GLOCK MOS System Here is how Glock sums up the G40 Gen4 in MOS.

It is a powerful yet easily carried pistol for the outdoorsman, hunter and sport shooter. Designed to give the handgun hunter the ultimate choice in semi-automatic hunting handguns, the eight-inch sight radius improves shootability with open sights while the MOS system gives the shooter the ability to mount all popular reflex sights. Reflex sight advantages include faster target acquisition and enhanced long-range accuracy.

Now, I am about to commit sacrilege. At the first inkling of the MOS, I was more than a little thrilled. Being a fan of Glocks, I recently had a G22 customized to include a “melt.” This is a popular alteration to sink a reflex optic on the slide. The MOS accomplishes this just fine and will save you a few bucks at the gunsmith. The problem, and this could have just been on the model I tested, was that it did not go low enough to see through the iron sights.

Law Enforcement, particularly SWAT officers, often run a G22 with a melt. Department regulations—and common sense—dictate that any electronics can fail and if it is going to happen, eventually it will at a critical moment. As a result, most, if not all, departments require full visibility and use of iron sights as a back up to the reflex sight. While putting a single dot on the spot is indeed faster for target acquisition, you must have the irons available as a back up. This is true of a life and death situation, and would be just about as critical in my book while big-game hunting with a pistol.

The popularity of Glock and the requirements to keep shooters moving at the range means you do not get a lot of time to monopolize the guns of the representatives and this needs further investigation which will happen over the next couple of days at the display booth. However, for now, I am left a little flat if Glock’s new MOS design will allow an optic at the price of losing the irons as a back up. If that is the case, I’ll forgo the MOS and opt for a custom melt.

Currently, the MOS is available on the G34, G35, G40 and G41. Check back for an update soon.

Share your thoughts about the new Glock MOS handguns in the comment section.

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  1. Dave
    In reply to you seeing the problem with not being able to see the iron sights on the G40 Gen4 MOS. I would fully agree and also see that as a problem. I am shocked that Glock did not catch that issue. The easy fix would just be to put a set of suppressor sights on it. They are higher and they enable one to see over the suppressor can. The only problem with that is the iron sights might then interfere with seeing the red dot sight. . Who knows? Just food for thought.

    Bobby Hamilton

    1. I have the MOS system on my G34 (9MM). I use the Vortex Viper red dot, but as with this MOS system too, even with the very low height of the Viper, it rendered the front sight useless. (Not as if the regular “stock” Glock sights are of any use anyway) So I went with the Dawson Precision .435″ fiber optic sight, which compliments the Viper to perfection. Besides, most people change out their Glock sights as their first upgrade.

  2. I was extremely excited to get my Glock 40 10mm. The gun itself functions flawlessly. However after about 200 rounds, my trijicon RMR, which was instealled by my dealer, hit me in the forehead. The few threads that had engaged the thin plate were completely stripped. They see the correct screws but not enough to hold against the recoil. Not sure if alumni up or steel. I ordered the Glock adapter kit online but may have to stop by fastenal to get new screws before they arrive as a want to shoot a deer with it. After much research, I found the correct screws to be 6-32 3/8″ length.
    Regardless, this extremely disappointing as this is a $1300 combo platter.

  3. For gosh sakes, they actually brought them out without suppressor ht sights on them, when they know everyone who gets one will pretty much
    mount a red dot sight on it. Geez, talk about a marketing brain fart! I would have never let that happen. Well, they do make awesome guns and do most everything else right. I would like to see better sights on their pistols than the damage-prone cheapo’s they ship them out with anyway, maybe they’ll figure that out too and fix both problems soon. Still love them anyway ????

  4. How can it not be the home run we’d hoped if we can’t even get to them yet? Time will tell what shooters say.

    1. Derp, I reread it and got your point, yes that was a HUGE oversight by Glock for sure, needs proper height sights to co-witness.

  5. The 6 inch barrel also adds velocity, and in terms of energy: speed KILLS
    Furthermore it adds weight upfront which benifits recoil and a steady hold.
    There is a niche market of dedicated 10mm shooters that would have loved this model ten years ago!

    1. I believe there is a market now also. I have shot the 10mm since the mid ninety’s , even shot in local IPSC matches just to keep up skills. In those days I carried the Colt Delta Elite, after 10,000 rounds it got a bit too loose. These days I carry the CZ Pointman 7 . Dont shoot it as much as I did the Colt, but its a much better weapon than the Colt. I want this Glock. I like the high capacity mags and I like the 6 inch barrel. It might even be a carry piece, without the red dot sight, although I imagine its a bit more bulky than the slim 1911 I currently carry.. Either way, Im gonna own one once they become available.

  6. Perhaps they’re only releasing a small nr to the public as a kind of “shake down” to see if they need to tweak the production.

  7. Some dealers do have them. I bought one two weeks ago after renting one with a Burris fastfire on it. However, I have not been able to mount my RMR on it yet as Trijicon requires a sealing plate and special length screws to mount the RMR’s to the Glock MOS adapter plate. Of course, they are not available and ready to ship just yet. So that was a little let down.
    But I did mock it up while waiting for the parts to arrive, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it. There are several sources getting ready to release extra tall iron sights to co-witness with the RMR. I was told they would be ready to ship in a couple months. So the build time right now is longer than I had hoped, so I consider this a “project gun” at this point in time.

  8. I wanted a Glock just like this 2 months ago! I had to go out and buy extra barrel,special mount and all to get this setup. Wish I could have gotten word of this sooner. However, I hear no dealers have them yet either. No telling when they will be available. And I wonder about the price?

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