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EDC—Everyday Carry

Picture shows someone's EDC including a GLOCK 19 and Kahr Arms 9mm.

EDC or everyday carry are the items you find essential to carry with you everyday—usually in your pockets or a purse—no matter whether you are going to work or running a few errands. EDC usually goes along with a preparedness mindset and certainly aligns itself with the concealed carry lifestyle.

Some people carry very little, while others carry a small bug-out kit. Largely depending on what you do on a daily basis, what you include in your EDC is usually determined, or in some cases, limited by what you do for a living. If your office does not allow guns, you must adapt. If you drive around checking oil rigs in the country, you probably carry more. Furthermore, women have an advantage because we usually carry a purse large enough to pack everything but the kitchen sink. I have laid a lot of my EDC on the table before—you will be surprised how many alternative ways you can use normal items. Your EDC includes the tools you find necessary for self-defense, emergencies and every day tasks and generally include a weapon, knife, keys, money and a flashlight.

The gear you pick for your EDC should be dependable, reliable and functional.

I asked around and got plenty of willing participates to take pictures on their cell phones of their EDC. You will see from the gallery below that everyone has their own preference for guns, lights and knives.

Picture shows a Glock 19, Kershaw knife with black handle and a Streamlight Microstream flashlight.
EDC 1 carrier one likes the GLOCK 19, Kershaw and Streamlight.




Picture shows a two-toned SIG P226 pistol, a flashlight and knife.
EDC 4 is a minimalist, only carrying a gun, knife and light.








What is included in your EDC?



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Comments (26)

  1. There is a definite move away from .38 carry in your articles: Even a comment made in one your articles about comfort: ” Giving up your .45 for the comfort of a .38. ” Well I give up having to worry about a chambered round, I give up that I don’t have to worry if a round doesn’t chamber. Unless you are in the wrong place and considering the average amount of rounds fired in a civilian confrontation and the reliability the .38 is the way to go, in my opinion, of course. Maybe you could do a poll on how many do carry .38 and you could expand your holster market for more .38 gear.
    Steve Kaldi
    Las Vegas

  2. – Glock 43 in Blade-Tech “Klipt” holster
    – Kershaw Volt, Link, or Burst
    – All-ATT super thin wallet
    – Victorinox “Manager” pocket knife
    – ITP “A3 EOS” v3 light
    – iPhone 6 plus in Tech21 “Impactology Classic” case
    – Keys with Mizitao “monkey fist” steel ball in paracord keychain
    – 1oz silver piece

    1. Almost forgot… also EDC a mini Bic lighter. Stopped carrying one years ago when I quit smoking, but recently dropped one in my pocket again to light fireworks. Forgot how useful they are, so it’s stayed in my pocket ever since.

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