Drug Detective Kit Makes Detection Quick and Easy

A new drug testing kit, the Drug Detective, allows parents to check not only whether their children are using drugs, but also whether they have been exposed to drugs or drug paraphernalia by testing for residue left by the drugs. This new drug testing kit was developed by a South African company, and is available in the United States only through Cheaper Than Dirt! South African Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (SANCA) director Shamin Garda commented on the new drug detection kit, saying “It is very good for employers or even parents. You simply put a swab on the computer, a phone, a steering wheel or basically any surface and you can test if drugs have made contact with that surface. This is excellent for parents who suspect drug use in their homes.” Most companies in the United States have privacy statements informing employees that employers have a right to search work areas for illegal activity such as drug use. While the kit may not be sufficient evidence to conclude whether or not a particular employee is using drugs in the workplace, it is an inexpensive method to initially investigate and determine if more expensive testing for individual drug use may be necessary.

The new drug testing kit was recently covered in a news segment by KDAF The 33 News. Cheaper Than Dirt! Chief Operating Officer Roberta Wilson was interviewed by the news team, and mentioned how easy the drug detection kit is to use. “Most other kits require samples of saliva or other body fluids to determine whether someone is using drugs. This system goes a step further and allows testing of fingers and hands, or nearly any surface, to see if an individual has even handled illegal drugs regardless of whether they actually ingested the drugs or not.” The kit is a one-time use system that consists of a swab, buffer liquid, mop, eye dropper, and chemical test strip. Detection can be accomplished in as few as 10 minutes. The system is able to detect drug residue left on virtually any surface, and can even be used as a saliva test to determine if an individual has drugs in their system. Other drug testing kits available in the United States are generally more costly and require samples be sent off to a lab for analysis with results coming back in days or even weeks.

The Drug Detective may prove most useful for parents who suspect that their children, who may not even be using drugs, are being exposed to drugs. One of the most useful aspects of the detection kit is that it is capable of detecting the presence of drugs even when those drugs have not been ingested. Simply by swabbing hands, bags, purses, or any surface that may have come into contact with drugs, Drug Detective kit users can determine whether or not drugs have come into contact with the user. This can allow parents to determine if their children are around others who may be using or carrying illegal substances.

The drug detection kit also works well as a deterrent. Simply owning a Drug Detective kit may give children an easy way to avoid the peer pressure to use drugs. According to Wilson, “Children can simply say ‘I can’t use drugs, or even be around them. My parents have a Drug Detective kit.’ It’s an easy way for kids to save face in front of their peers.” The Drug Detective one-time use kit sells for $29.97 and is available only at

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