Driving DPMS Out of Business: Minnesota House Bill 241

DPMS is an established black rifle ompany based in Minnesota.

Minnesota became the hot seat of the gun control debate this week when President Obama made his first campaign stop in Minneapolis on Monday, February 4 to rally up support for his recent gun control legislation proposals. The White House reports the president chose the largely Democratic state as his first stop to push his anti-gun agenda because of Minneapolis’ success with programs  curbing gun violence.

The House hears public comments on H.F. 241.
The House hears public comments on H.F. 241.
During the same week as the President’s visit, the Public Safety, Finance & Policy of Minnesota House of Representatives are holding a week-long set of hearings on House Bill 241 introduced on January 31, 2013. Essentially an assault weapons ban, the bill makes it a crime to make, transfer, or posses an assault weapon. H.F. 241 defines an assault weapon as a semi-automatic rifle that will accept any detachable magazine and one of the following traits:

  • Pistol grip
  • Thumbhole stock
  • Any feature that acts as a protruding grip held with the non-trigger finger
  • Folding or telescoping stock
  • Guns with fixed magazines that hold more than seven rounds
  • Conversion kit, part or a combination of parts to assemble an assault rifle

The bill also defines prohibited persons owning firearms, including ex-members of any armed forces with a dishonorable discharge. It also includes a grandfather clause for people who owned an “assault rifle” before February 1, 2013. According to the bill, those who have a grandfathered in rifle have until September 1, 2013 to either:

  • Surrender the gun for destruction
  • Make the gun inoperable
  • Register the weapon, including a background check for possession of the gun

On Wednesday, February 6, 2013, Adam Ballard, the product manager at DPMS Panther Arms located in St. Cloud, Minnesota, testified in opposition to the bill. DPMS is an established black rifle company that has been supplying civilians, law enforcement and military with firearms and accessories since 1985. They are the second largest AR-15 manufacturer in the United States.

DPMS is an established black rifle company based in Minnesota.
DPMS is an established black rifle company based in Minnesota.
During Ballard’s testimony, he pointed out the economic contribution that DPMS makes to Minnesota, by employing 115 people with a $3.32 million payroll and millions of dollars in state and federal taxes. The economic impact of an assault weapons ban in Minnesota would not only affect the people who work at DPMS, but also Boberg Arms and Magnum Research. Ballard said Minnesota’s assault weapons ban would put DPMS out of business. On the company’s Facebook page: “This bill would close our doors, put a great number of hard-working Americans out of work and infringe upon the rights of millions of lawful gun owners in Minnesota.” The Senate plans to hold similar hearings on H.F. 241 later in February.

To tell your representatives to vote against an assault weapons ban in Minnesota, visit the NRA-ILA’s Action Center website.

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Comments (56)

  1. You’ve got to remember that moving a company costs quite a bit. Also, not all of your top employees will want to re-locate…look what happened to Marlin.

  2. DPMS should pack up and screw MN. Come to Alabama we would love to have you as our state is reading legislation similar to Montana’s that exempt in state production and sales from federal laws. We have great weather, right to work and NASA .

  3. Take the black rifle the kid used at the Snady hook school and put in the hands of law enforcement or one of our brave solders and they can save lives and they become a hero dose the gun get a medal of a special dinner?

    Are anti gun people hypocrites?

    We are not tring to control any one, only keep our freedom.

  4. I fully support these companies in their decision not to sell to hypocritical states and local govt’s.
    I just wish these companies would take their manufacturing to friendlier states.
    I live in MO and we would roll out the Tax Free welcome mat for these companies to setup shop in our state.
    Let these liberal anti 2nd Amendment states dry up with no tax base and no funding to feed their socialist agenda.

    MOVE TO MISSOURI! We need the Jobs!

  5. Take a look at the Mishawaka, Indiana area. We have a excellent skilled labor force. Indiana is in the process of passing pro-Gun laws. And it to is a Right-To-Work state. And while your at it bring Magpul and the ammo manufactures with you.

  6. These bans are not within any legislatures scope of authorty to enact, this is a direct violation of the federal constitution and will not be tolerated in MN. The legitimacy of banning legislation such as this is on par with a state legislature saying that blue eyed people may be bought and sold as slaves, for surely if there is an arbitrary line whereby the 2nd amendment can be infringed despite the clear and plain language in the constittuion which denies that, then the language of the 13th amendment must be open to legislatve repeal to an arbitrary degree by them as well. After all, elected officials are a royal class with powers granted by god, and the people are merely subjects or slaves who must submit to whatever they decree.

  7. DPMS, I have owned two of your Rifles for almost 20 years and I have been extremely happy with them. You would be very welcome to relocate to Arkansas. We are still a free state and strong supporters of the 2nd Amendment.

  8. You would be extremely welcome in Oklahoma. I don’t own a DPMS, but I own and operate a Bushmaster. I was born and raised in MN…..I’ll never return, due to the current politics there.

  9. Union County Mississippi has some great property / buildings that are available for DPMS. We have a great workforce and we are GUN FRIENDLY.


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