Why I believe in Constitutional Carry

The 2nd Amendment is my gun permit.

We all know that a criminal or someone who has criminal intent is not going to display their gun for all to see. That would be an immediate submission of guilt, would it not? It would not be very good for their element of surprise when they go to kill, rape, or rob someone. In fact, a criminal isn’t going to go through a concealed carry class to obtain a permit either. If they are a felon, they don’t even own the gun legally. Requiring law-abiding citizens to jump through hoops, pay hundreds of dollars, and take 8 to 10 hours worth of training is not going to stop bad people from owning, carrying, and using guns. Not to mention, those of us who can legally own a firearm should not have to re-earn a right we already have.

The 2nd Amendment is my gun permit.
The 2nd Amendment is my gun permit.
The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution gives us (who can legally own a firearm) the right to own firearms, however not to take away from State’s rights, each state is allowed to determine how and when someone can bear those firearms. The majority of states restrict how, when, and where you can carry firearms. Further, 45 states require some type of license or permit to carry a gun on your person. Illinois ignores the right to bear completely. Four states, Alaska, Arizona, Vermont, Wyoming, and parts of Montana allow those who can legally own guns to carry a gun on their person without a license or a permit. We call this type of carry, Constitutional or permitless carry.

Every state recognizes the right to defend yourself, and but almost every state restricts that right. If I pass a background check in the state of Texas to purchase a gun, I do not see how carrying that gun on my person, whether concealed or open, makes it any less safe than if I kept it strictly in my home.

I am no means an expert on Constitutional Law, but I do know we built our great country on declaring, demanding, fighting for, and protecting our liberty. The U.S. Government Accountability Office reports from December 31, 2011 there were eight million permits issued to U.S. citizens to carry a gun. Nearly half of Americans report owning a firearm. Benjamin Franklin said, “Never trust a government that doesn’t trust its own citizens with guns.” If they trust us to own them, they should trust us to carry them.

Though I have chosen the extreme statics, you still cannot argue with the numbers. In 2003, when Colorado State University started allowing guns to be carried on campus, the school saw a 47% decrease in aggravated assault and robbery. On the other hand, when Chicago banned handguns in 1982, the city saw a 307% increase in aggravated assault and robbery.

Sadly, even someone who can legally own a gun can go off the deep end and commit heinous crimes with legally owned guns. I wish there was something we could do to prevent that from ever happening again, but we can’t. It is just the world we live in. Honestly, can any amount of training fully prepare you for every situation in which you would have to use a concealed handgun? No way. Because no amount of training will predict what emotions will happen. Would Constitutional Carry help prevent more innocents dying? I believe it would.

Do you believe in Constitutional Carry? Why or why not? Tell me in the comment section below.


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  1. In response to the author: A quote to start… you say:

    “however not to take away from State’s rights, each state is allowed to determine how and when someone can bear those firearms.”

    This is leftist propaganda

    Question: Where in the 2nd does it say the states have right/responsibility/ability or that it has been left to them to modify what the constitution says ? HUH?

    A STUPID EXAMPLE: the Constitution says we have the right to life, except by due process of law. Which simply means that if you are a real bad guy you can be executed you lose your right to life) when found guilty of some heinous crime. (and some states do use execution). What do you think would happen is some state passed a state law saying something stupid like: ” State police may shoot people in prison to maintain their skills by using live, running, moving targets” ? I’ll tell you what… In short order that state law would be held as UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the supreme court of the United States. I suggest all Americans READ our constitution.. (especially the Bill of Rights) the founding fathers were pretty smart people and most of what’s in there are restrictions on the government… what the government CANNOT do, what the government CANNOT infringe on. They just finished a long and costly war with a government that had NO regard for their own laws when it came to the colony of America, and they wrote this document to protect the people from the government. Actually, if you think about just how open the 2nd is, I constitutionally have the right to have an F-15 parked in my back yard along with an AI-Abrams ! LOL !!!

  2. I totally agree with you. Carrying is not a privelege, it’s a right, put into the Constitution by men who knew what government can become. I resent the fact that while the authorities can’t profile terrorists or criminals , they automatically profile gun owners, lumping us with the nut cases that are in the news. I honestly think the politicians are scared to death that at some point one of these guys is going to start shooting and an armed citizen is going to stop him with a well aimed shot. When that happens, their faulty reasoning goes right out the window. Keep up the fight.

  3. The gun issue is no problem! Our Constitution grants use the right to not only own firearms, but the right to form our own well organized Military! They considered it vital to maintain our state of freedom! Right now!-our beloved Mrs Clinton is trying to get the United Nations to take away our American rights to own guns! We can’t blame anyone other than ourselves for this threat. In fact, we’re the problem. We voted them in-in some cases over and over! All we need to do is get Obama out of Office and Mitt in. We must also be sure to get the a majority in the Senate, retire some others out of the House. Just be sure that we elect Strict Constructionist(check with the NRA for who they support)and remember this is the most critical election of our life time. Our next President will be replacing two or more Supreme Court Justices who must be approved by Congress! Get rid of all the cash you can afford and buy Silver! If Obama is re-elected,and the News Media is giving Obama a free ride to the White House,we must VOTE and make it count.I don’t want to appear a conspiracy nut but Obama is trying his best to crash America! I say this because no one could be so DUMB.We came from Rebels and are probably going to have to become Rebels. Our Freedoms are disappearing,and we are headed for a monetary crisis this nation may not survive. We are having the Military disarmed and we are the most hatted nation on Earth!All the trillions we have spent rebuilding other countries and only have two allies we can count on and Obama is stressing them to the breaking point. He is an Arab, and has no plans of helping Israel at this critical time.He is trying to secure his job and afraid of upsetting the Arabs!
    So be careful how you vote! Consider what I have said, your freedoms (away more than just guns), our dollar being printed so often that so a wheelbarrow of dollars won’t by a loaf of bread soon! Israel has counted on us, but we turn our backs as a Nuke is developed to use against us and Israel by a LARGE groups of Nations who will not hesitate to use them against their favorite enemies-the USA and Israel! May God’s will be done. I hope he will give us the right choice and the courage to vote our way back to prosperity and watch over us and the people of Israel. May God bless you, and may he bless America again!

    1. Why write a big comment? Obama is trying everything to disarm this county and it’s not for safety reasons. In 3rd world counties nobody owns guns except the bad guys and look what happens, if no one owns guns in this country well…… this says it all.

      “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one.”

      Cesare Beccaria’s Essay on Crimes and Punishments
      18th Century Italian criminologist

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