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Taylors Cattlebrand revolver and Randall Trailblazer Bowie knife

Camping & Survival

Handguns and the Backcountry

Some of the places are little known and others are historic. A focus on nature and a connection is important. This is the animals’ home and they are a concern. The cute ones that run away with your sandwiches are only funny once. The big ones want a larger meal. A fear of animals is primal and worthy of study, but when it is the furbearer or you, you better have the right gun.

boy washing waterfowl decoys


Waterfowl Decoy Maintenance

It could be a broken decoy line, a missing head or busted keel that’s keeping that pile of decoys in the corner of the garage unaddressed—just high enough to constantly remind you that something needs to be done with them.

How To


If you spend anytime outdoors, eventually you will run into a snake—especially if you live in the Southwestern United States. And pretty much, that snake will be poisonous. For Shooting Gallery, Gun Stories and Down Range TV contributor Ed Head, this means potentially deadly run-ins with rattlesnakes. Don’t let your shooting and outdoor adventures have a tragic outcome—learn how to load your self-defense handgun for snakes in this article.

Canoeing on a quiet lake


Set Sail! Become an Outdoors-Woman!

Ladies, it is never too late to learn the basics of canoeing or kayaking. So if you ever thought it would be fun to learn how to do these types of activities there is a great place for you to go and learn from skilled experts.

Woman in camo jacket and hat shooting a bow with a gray fence in the background.


Becoming an Outdoors Woman: Be an Archer

Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) workshops are conducted around the country throughout the year and typically offer a half dozen or so individual classes in a workshop weekend. There are lots of fun things to do and different activities from which to choose at BOW workshops. One of the most popular courses women sign up for is archery. Check out this post to discover the advantages or archery.

Black Dutch oven kettle hanging from a rod iron tripod over a fire with a wood area in the background.


Becoming an Outdoors-Woman: Go Dutch!

We often associate the image of a Dutch oven with camping trips or even chuckwagon cattle drives from days gone by, but the truth is many folks still use Dutch ovens. In a nutshell, the Dutch oven is a timeless alternative for cooking delicious, homemade meals without using electricity or propane. In this post, read how Becoming and OUtdoors-Woman (BOW) is teaching women how to use this cooking method.

Man in orange ballcap stands behind a woman with long brown hair, pink ballcap and black ear protection teaching her to shoot at a target


Becoming an Outdoors-Woman: Learn to Shoot

Women are the fastest growing group of consumers for firearms. During the last two decades, women’s views about shooting have changed for the better, partially because of successful programs, such as Becoming an Outdoors-Woman, which has made tremendous strides educating women about traditional outdoor sports.

Picture of a bright blue like through 2 trees in the foreground with a kayak tired up at the lake's edge.


Beyond BOW

Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW) workshop is a great way to learn the basic skills of traditional outdoor activities. To take your skills to the next level takes time and practice, which is so BEYOND BOW is such a great organization. Check out this article to learn more about how it is making a difference in women’s lives.