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Black SIG Ultra, barrel pointed left and 2 silver magazines on a background of wood planks.


SIG’s Short, Sweet, Reliable .45

The 1911 is a great combat gun, but how small can you go and maintain its good attributes? The SIG Ultra answers that question. This is a formidable .45! Check this post for the details.

MG Industries Survival Package MARCK-15 rifle


The MGI Survival Package — Four Popular Calibers in One System

More than just another AR-15, MGI’s Hydra MARCK-15 platform redefines shooter’s perceptions of a modular long gun. MGI’s innovative system allows the shooter to change between a 9mm using a Colt mag. to .45 ACP using a Glock mag. to 7.62×39 using AK mags and more. Read the entire description and watch the demo video to see if this is your next must-have-rifle or marketing hype!

GLock 42 side view with TruGlo Brite Site TFO


TruGlo TFO Sights with GLOCK 42

Whether you carry concealed, keep a pistol for home defense or have a duty weapon, there is one accessory that immediately improve you sight picture in any lighting condition? Are your sights putting you at risk?

Two stacked revolvers, a four inch .38 on top and a 1930s Colt Tactical on the bottom. Both have black grips and a dark charcoal-colored body, barrels pointed to the right


Tactical Pistols

Tactical pistols need specific features and functions to serve you well. Read this post to learn what to look for and why training is essential.

Picture shows Ruger's LCP pistol in pink.


Pink Pistols Compared

I have never advocated buying a person protection gun because it looks good. Reliability and ease of use are so much more important. However, like many women shooters I know, whether we admit to it or not, actually want a pink gun. Fortunately, there are now plenty of reliable, accurate and affordable pink pistols to choose from. In this article, I break down the important specifications and features of 10 different pocket pistols to help you make a decision about your next concealed carry gun.