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Bar Graph of voter across party lines for PLCAA


Suing Retailers and Manufacturers — What the People Think

More than 70 percent of voters disagree with a position one presidential candidate has made a centerpiece of her campaign. Like that candidate, others running for federal office have chosen to run against and misrepresent this decade-old law that prevents crime victims from suing firearm manufacturers and retailers who have not broken any laws.

Hillary Clinton


Video: Is Hillary Agreeing that Gunowners are ‘Terrorists’?

Hillary Clinton just sits, nodding in approval as one of her supporters claims that gun and ammunition manufacturers “are making terrorists out of our citizens.” Click the video link below to watch the Democrat Presidential candidate’s reaction to an unbelievable smear of gun builders and gun consumers.

Bushmaster XM-15 rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm


Judge Rules Against Remington in Favor of Newtown Families’ Lawsuit

Joshua Koskoff, a lawyer for the Newtown victims’ families, argued there is an exception in the federal law that allows litigation against companies that know, or should know, that their weapons are likely to be used in a way that risks injury to others. What does the judge’s ruling mean for the Second Amendment and the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act?

Barska SWAT-AR 6-36x52mm Riflescope

How To

Understanding Minute of Angle (MOA) — Mil-Dot and Mils

Several Shooter’s Log customers have asked for explanations of minute of angle and the measurement term “milliradian” (mil) and how to use a mil-dot scope to measure the distance to your target at the range and in the field. In the accompanying two videos, the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Ryan Cleckner explains both concepts and how to put them to best use.

Arex Rex Zero 1 Pistol


Arex Rex Zero 1 Pistol — The New Kid on the Block

Just the name, Arex Rex, conjures images of something prehistoric and capable of stomping you between its toes just to be more merciful than swallowing you whole. However, the new Arex Rex Zero 1 is anything but prehistoric. That being said, if it looks a bit familiar to you, you are not alone.

A black SCCY CPX 2 with a silver slide, muzzle pointed to the left side on a gradient gray and white background.

Concealed Carry

SCCY Pulls No Questions Warranty — Why You Should be Thankful

SCCY industries previously offered a “No Questions Asked’ warranty, which was certainly worthy of praise from the gun community. However, it seems it comes with its downside too, and a few bad actors have caused SCCY to modify its policy to protect the rest of us. This is a case of a corporate responsibility over profits and we should all be applauding SCCY’s decision.

Woman with pink ear muffs shooting a Glock handgun


Personal Defense With Limits — Caliber Selection

When outside factors limit the shooters’ ability to control a heavier caliber, determination and marksmanship might carry the day. Self defense demands all the power the shooter can handle. However, that does not mean you have to be over-gunned.