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Mayor Gavin Newsome


Will California’s Gun Control be Coming to Your Hometown?

San Francisco’s Gavin Newsome has a new ballot proposal that is way beyond radical—even for the anti-gun left. It would seem he has taken the most radical gun control proposals and pushed them over the cliff. But does he have a chance of getting them passed?

Man in tree wearing HSS Hanger Utility Harness


Hunter Safety System HSS Hanger Utility Harness

Hanging a tree stand can be tricky. You need to get up the tree, get the stand up the tree, and have about six hands to hold everything you need to attach the stand to the tree—until now. Hunter Safety System has introduced the HSS Hanger Utility Harness, which promises to make hanging stands safer and easier than ever.

Citadel M-1911


Citadel Cerakote M-1911 in FDE from Legacy Sports International

The entire line of Citadel M-1911’s comes with many features found only on higher priced handguns. All models include slide stop with grooves, flared ejection port, skeletonized hammer and trigger, beveled mag well, grip safety with extended beavertail and extended thumb safety.

Slide Fire Solutions SSAR-15 MOD in flat dark earth

Gun Gear

Slide Fire SSAR-15 MOD Available in FDE

Half of the fun of building or modifying your AR is enhancing the performance to squeeze out every bit of accuracy and performance. The modular nature of the AR platform makes it the ultimate Lego for adults. The other half is the customization; style points count! Slide Fire Solutions SSAR-15 Mod offers the best of both worlds—enhanced performance with plenty of style.

Gabrielle Giffords with Ar-15 in hand


Blaming Criminal Activity on Law-abiding Firearm Dealers

In the name of increasing public safety, legislators seek to mandate elaborate security standards and other costly operating procedures. Legislators, community advocates and anti-gun groups publicly announced the Illinois Gun Violence Prevention Coalition and the Gun Dealer Licensing Act.

NRA-ILA logo


Call to Action: Stop Merrick Garland from Being Confirmed

The NRA-ILA is asking for help and now is the time to step up! President Obama’s strategists are working overtime to secure the crown jewel of his anti-gun legacy: a U.S. Supreme Court that will reverse Heller for all time. The threat is real and without making our voices heard, there is always the chance for the Republican-controlled Senate to crumble on a vote. So, speak up and let your voice be heard.

Hillary Clinton


Hillary Admits Support for Legislation to Kill Gun Industry

I am not here to advocate for one political party over another or one particular politician for President. The Shooter’s Log is about firearms, survival/prepping, hunting, etc. However, if you believe in the Second Amendment, hunting, and firearms, you really need to step up and pay attention to Hillary Clinton’s latest proclamation against your rights.