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Preppers, Hunters, and Hikers Beware of Venomous Snakes!

Coming across a rattlesnake in the wild—or in your yard—can be a frightening experience. But it doesn’t have to be. If you respect the snake and give it some space, there’s almost no chance your encounter with it will be negative. And, if you can find a safe place to watch the snake, you’ll observe one of the most unique critters in the world.


The NRA Statement on Terror Watchlists

The executive director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action, Chris W. Cox, released the following statement regarding terror watchlists:

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Pink Pistols Speaks About Guns and GLBT Self-Defense

While we have all heard of the tragic event that happened last weekend, you may not be aware of a pro Second Amendment group that was doubly affected. The group is called Pink Pistols and to describe the group best… perhaps you should read the article and hear it in their own words.

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Why Isn’t the DOJ Probing Illegal Gun Purchase from Couric Crew?

“There can only be two explanations for this,” Gottlieb explained. “Either federal gun laws were violated, or Soechtig made the whole thing up. If the latter is true, then her credibility just went out the window, taking Couric’s along with it. If the former is true…” Read the full story here.

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Will Hillary be the Death of Heller and the Individual Right?

A fifth liberal Justice could kill the individual right to bear arms. What does that mean to you? While the elections are still playing out, the Second Amendment as we know is hanging in the balance. if you don’t believe me or disagree, please read on. This may be the scariest article you read from now to the election.

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Spread the NSSF’s Message of Gun Safety to Win Prizes!

We all love free guns and gear. We can also all get behind spreading the message of gun safety. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has brought the two together to give you an extra incentive to promote a positive message. Here is the release and link from the NSSF.


Honoring Their Sacrafice

Memorial Day is a special time for Americans to honor and remember all who have died while serving in the Armed Forces.  Join The Shooter’s Log in honoring the fallen with thanks and appreciation at in our hearts, minds, and if possible wherever the fallen rest to show our respect and gratitude. 

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Gun Store Licensing Bill Proposes Anti-Gun Amendment

This week, anti-gun lawmakers have been hard at work to amend House Bill 1016 into a passable version. All proposed amendments would still implement some of the most restrictive regulations for gun stores and force them to close. Your NRA-ILA continues to outright oppose House Bill 1016 and any anti-gun amendment proposed.