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Picture shows a Cheaper Than Dirt gift card.


Top 10 Stocking Stuffers Under $25

The economy may be better, but that does not mean you want to empty your wallet. On the hand, everyone want to give a gift the recipient will appreciate and use. Here’s 10 gifts for the outdoors enthusiast that won’t break the bank.

Crimson Trace LiNQ

Gun Gear

Review: Crimson Trace LiNQ — Tactical Advantage

Recently, the author worked up his personal go-anywhere-do-anything rifle. During the process, he elected to mount the LiNQ system from Crimson Trace. The LiNQ is a true wireless activated combat light and laser system. The system isn’t overly complicated—even less so if you do not use all of the features but concentrate on the modes that suit your needs, but maximizes the advantages of the AR for tactical operation.

Winchester Wildcat .22 LR ammunition 500 box


Review Winchester Wildcat .22 LR

At 25 yards, even the new protégés were shooting “minute of bunny” …after they got the hang of it. Best of all, .22 LR ammunition is affordable. We shot for a couple of hours and still had well over 200 rounds left over.

Competition gun holster and belt.


Gearing up for 3 Gun

Getting into 3 Gun is a great excuse to pull out the gear you bought and have not used in awhile, or purchase the new toys you have had your eye on but needed the excuse. Either way, while 3 Gun is a gear intensive sport, it does not take a huge investment to get started. Over time though, there are certain pieces of gear that you’ll want to improve your game. Here is you your starter list.

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Top 6 Carry Pistols for Beginners

Everyone starts somewhere and at sometime. Concealed carry is no exception. Everyone feels at least a bit self-conscious when they start carrying a handgun for self-defense. Choosing the right pistol that is not too small, not too big, and manageable through recoil is a good start. This article goes through a handful of factors to consider when choosing a handgun, as well as six tops picks.