APA The Answer Gen III Micro Bastard 30 Cal Muzzle Brake AR-10 308/7.62NATO Compatible 1/2x28 TPI Stainless Steel Black Nitride Finish G3A1230N

Item No. 130042
APA The Answer Gen III Micro Bastard 30 Cal Muzzle Brake AR-10 308/7.62NATO Compatible 1/2x28 TPI Stainless Steel Black Nitride Finish G3A1230N
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Brand: American Precision Arms
MFR #: G3A1230N
Item #: 130042
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The Answer - APA's Solution to Gas Gun Recoil Management

APA reengineered the traditional muzzle brake to be ultra effective and super easy to use. They use an integral locking or self timing nut, which allows for much easier installation and timing. They also have the 'Bastard' port design, which is similar to the rear angled port with one added key feature. This feature is sometimes referred to as a tooth. This tooth directs the gas away from the forward gas stream, stopping the gas from being able to slip back into the stream. The great efficiency of the tooth is not simply encompassed in its ability to move gas out of the way. There is a second and possibly more relevant effect as a result of the tooth's internal geometry. The gas collides into the corner or "nook" generated by the way it is machined. As a result of this, a parachute effect is created, pulling the gun forward, against the gun's natural recoil. Due to the design, the harder the muzzle brake is pushed, the more effective it becomes.

What is 'The Answer'?

APA has a reputation for solving big recoil problems, not small ones. Competitive shooters have asked them to develop a brake for the off-hand, run-and-gun, "Gas Gun" competitor. Then they discovered this little recoil problem was a little more dynamic than anticipated. These shooters need something really lightweight that eliminates recoil but is also tunable. This is THE ANSWER.

The Answer gives these shooters a lightweight design with four Bastard ports and also added tunable URP (Unique Recoil Profile) Top Ports which allow the shooter to not only combat direct recoil, but also mitigates muzzle rise and lateral movement based on the characteristics of their rifle, personal grip, and position. These aren't just randomly placed top ports. Every port is placed adjacent to the internal Bastard tooth where there is maximum pressure build-up. This makes the adjustable ports directionally effective and offers 256 combinations to keep your sights on target.

The Answer Specifications and Features:

  • American Precision Arms G3A1230N
  • The Answer Gen III Micro Bastard Muzzle Brake
  • 4 Port Muzzle Brake With 8 URP (Unique Recoil Profile) Top Ports
  • 30 Caliber or 308 Win / 7.62 NATO Compatible
  • Threaded: ½" x 28 TPI
  • Includes Self Timing Integral Nut
  • Length: 2.2"
  • Weight: 2.2 oz
  • Made in the USA
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Black Nitride Finish
  • 30 Caliber or .308" Diameter Barrels Threaded 1/2x28 TPI