.458 SOCOM

The .458 SOCOM cartridge offers ballistics comparable to the legendary .45-70 Government in a modern AR-platform rifle...
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The .458 SOCOM cartridge offers ballistics comparable to other legendary calibers. This rifle round is great for hunting medium-to-large game. Just use a specialized upper receiver with a .458 SOCOM bolt and barrel that can be mounted on any standard AR-15 lower receiver and you’re ready to go. Also, .458 SOCOM cartridges are capable of reliably feeding from most standard 5.56 NATO AR-15 magazines. They provide optimal performance in barrels under 16 inches, so it is a perfect platform for your SBR or AR pistol build. Available from popular manufacturers like Buffalo Bore and Underwood Ammunition, this is a round you can count on. If you need a hard-hitting round in an extremely portable platform, look no further than the .458 SOCOM.
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