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Century Arms Zastava N-PAP AK-47 Semi Auto Rifle 7.62x39mm 16  Barrel Stamped Receiver 30 Round Magazine Wood Stock RI2087-N
Item Number: 8-CENT-RI2087N
Our Low Price: $496.75
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5.0 Rating N-PAP AK47 - 8/2/2014
Reviewer: ADC
I received the weapon and I am very happy with my purchase. This weapon is brand new, and I did not experience any issues with it from the time it came out of the box. Of course, like any weapon, I first cleaned the magazine area, ran a bore brush through it and ensured it was well oiled. Super weapon and just what I expected. Perfect so far.
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5.0 Rating n-pap - 7/15/2014
Reviewer: rsmoke543
just got my n-pap after placing my order just 5 days ago. Very pleased with the rifle as it was in excellent condition.It came with a tapco mag and a steel mag, both in good condition. I was able to purchase extra tapco mags from the FFL, all fit snug with no problems. A very good buy for the money.
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5.0 Rating warranty from century - 6/9/2014
Reviewer: cindy
Well follow up on gun issue. Sent this rifle in to have safety fixed and id like to say they backed there warranty a 100% Payed to have it shipped to them and no return shipping either.They fixed the problem I had with gun and a few others.Took 3 weeks to get it back but it was in better shape then when I got it! Safety smooth changed out the tip of barrel so it was at the bottom for kick and it shots better then I got it.Shipping package was much better then dealer.Came in double box inside one had grey foam just like you would get when you buy a gun in a box.So now its like a rifle case but in card board and great for storeing.They clearly are ppl of there word.But take note don't let them talk you into trying to fix it yourself in anyway shape or form or they will fix nothing.It clearly states that in the paper work I got for return.Told me like this is you mess with something then who knows what else you did to it.Your choice id reather do without for a few weeks and get a better gun back in prefect shape and shoots perfect! Ill buy again only because no matter how crappy they mail your rifle it will get fixed or replaced better then you received too.
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5.0 Rating Bang for a Buck - 5/14/2014
Reviewer: Jason
At this price point it's hard to imagine a better value in a rifle exists out there. Was on the paper at 100 yards outta the box, reliable action and finished well. Cons? Slight Mag wobble, but well within tolerance. I'm happy!
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5.0 Rating excellent - 4/30/2014
Reviewer: Locdogg54
Great rifle. love it. the magazine that came with it was crap though.
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5.0 Rating Very Nice - 4/19/2014
Reviewer: Haygood1111
I read the reviews before purchase and now that I have seen it in person, I must say its nice as everyone said. Very happy with this rifle.
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5.0 Rating N-PAP AK-47 - 4/17/2014
Reviewer: McGarrett
Arrived in about two weeks. Worth the wait. In excellent condition with extra magazine. Only adjustment was slight sight adjustment.
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5.0 Rating Best quality at a good price - 4/16/2014
Reviewer: Brother Scott
This is the only way to go as far as I'm concerned. These N-PAP's are not a hodgepodge of surplus parts "made to work".. This is a new rifle with upgraded furniture and a new Tapco trigger... not those Russian finger slappers. (I've heard the wood is Teak, I've heard Maple - whatever, it is nice with a nice finish). Definitely not an old beat up piece of laminate with brass rod holding it together. Clean this rifle before you take it to the range - you should do that anyway, but there were factory metal filings all through mine. (Shavings are a good indicator.. it means new parts and a nice fit.. but is a very bad thing when left there... (hopefully I don't need to explain why). The only thing lacking is a bayonet lug should you want to show it with one mounted- or are a braver soul than I am and want to go sticking wild hogs, bears or something.. (Poking large animals is generally a bad idea and I'm pretty certain that if a Moose takes your rifle away from you and eats it? - It's not covered by the warranty.). These rifles come with a rail already attached to the left side of the receiver... so add a bridge and you are ready for a scope if you like - and if you are unfamiliar with what I mean by an AK rail or are not interested in mounting a scope... it is well out of the way allowing you the option to use the hard sights. Threaded sllant brake - check. No weld to deal with - check. This is nice... the receiver cover has the 2 position release - so is easier to get back in place after cleaning while providing a better hold and less chance of it popping off for no particular reason as some AK's are prone to. (I've seen it happen - it's embarrassing). Double stack magazines fit nicely... hey, it's made for them.. in fact if you use the polymer mags, you may find them a little snug at first until the plastic wears a little. Your mags aren't going to wobble all around, nor sound like a small freight train announcing your arrival to the range. A bit stiff is not bad - it's a new stamped receiver - not one that is 40 years old and has been used to pry open generations of vodka bottles. Mine has one small ding in the stock - but that isn't a sign of surplus.. it's from the cheesy cardboard box it comes in from Century with a little bit of nuthin' foam padding you could use as a coffee filter. Mine simply took a hit in shipping without good protection I'm sure. I would expect to see this rifle at a higher price point - but this pricing only means you are getting a better deal on a more trouble free rifle from CTD. .... 5 stars on the product, but in my mind - minus a half star for the completely unnecessary ding in the wood due to factory or Century packing... (maybe foam is expensive in Serbia?.. I don't know.) and then 1/2 star off for my disappearing lug... I guess I probably shouldn't count the lug any longer now that the ad copy was fixed to no longer promote that it had one - except it still irks me a bit that it was when I bought mine.). All together a very nice rifle at an excellent price - even after you get passed my pet peeves. OH!! another plus on it being new... you may find cosmoline on the steel mag that is included?... I did, but it's not smeared all over and thru your rifle. If you have ever cleaned up a cosmoline laden firearm?.. You'll already know why this is a good thing.... and if you haven't had that "pleasure"? - Take my word for it. It is a big plus.
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5.0 Rating High Quality AK - 4/6/2014
Reviewer: Tommy
I bought this based on my experience with the PAP M92. The N-PAP arrived in perfect condition. It came with one used steel mag and a new Tapco mag. The steel mag was beat up, frozen, and not serviceable. I installed a red dot and shot 100 rounds today without a single problem. The rail alignment was spot on. A very nice AK.
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5.0 Rating Amazing Value - 3/28/2014
Reviewer: 1st Sgt.
I was impressed when I opened the box and it just kept getting better. Although I had not received the scope mount or the scope, I took it to the deer lease and sighted it in with the iron sights. To my amazement, battle Zero was set perfectly (2 inch groups at 100 yards). I ran approximately 300 rounds through the weapon and it performed flawlessly. The wooden stock and hand guards are finished beautifully and the bluing is perfect. In the past I have spent much more for a weapon of much less quality.
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Page 1 of 3 (21 Reviews)
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