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Flecktarn Camo Flak Vest Used One Size Fits up to 46" Chest
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Brand: Military MIL2115
Item: MIL-2115

Original German military Flecktarn camo flak vest used during altercations and for field exercises, this is not a bullet proof vest and should not be used as such. Features side entry, adjustable shoulders, removable padding, pocket and gear rings. One size fits up to a 46" Chest, used good condition. Grade II.

All Military surplus products are used, the condition of the products varies, and the quantities may be limited. Unfortunately, we can not accept backorders or returns on any surplus products. Surplus condition scale:
Grade I – Used in like new to excellent condition. Grade II – Used in good condition, may show minor use.
Grade III – Used in fair condition, will show normal wear and tear from daily use.

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 Rating Vest Test & Modification - 2/15/2011
Reviewer: Red Fox
Let me start by saying that I own several top quality vests & plate carriers, however I was looking for a cheap option vest for friends & family in case of a SHTF situation. That's exactly what these vests are! .... and made with German quality. After reading all of the reviews on the German Flectarn Flak vest, as well as researching the vest on the web, I found that CTD has by far the best price! I purchased several of these vests & planned to double the ballistic panels and have an extra outside carrier for each vest. This is a great idea that many here have suggested. Another good option is the layered system of wearing a light concealable vest under this one for a combination of greater protection with better body coverage than what a concealable vest can offer. The vests arrived quickly via UPS. Some were placed flat in the box, while others were scrunched up in tight plastic bags :( The vests smelled of mildew. The panels are easily removed from the carrier via velcro tabs. I washed the covers and wiped down the panels and dried them quickly. None of the panels appeared to be damaged by abuse and showed no sign of being washed. Although it is true that "one size fits all", including me at 6ft, 220, my son 601, 245, and my 504, 46 D girlfriend, the panels come in different sizes from what appears to be medium large to XL. They all seem to be interchangeable. The outer camo carriers are not brand new, but are very serviceable with good velcro. German Flectarn is a great camo for the U.S. Folks, this is one lightweight, comfortable & flexible vest with good coverage over standard areas including the chest, lower torso & back below the belt line, neck, throat & upper deltoids. Much more comfortable and lighter weight than the U.S. or Canadian flak vests, but probably less effective at stopping pistol rounds, due to the back face impact that will occur on a thinner flexible vest, compared to the thicker stiffer military flak vests, all of which are far more expensive. Because this vest is thin and flexible, this vest could even be worn concealed in a cooler environment under a light jacket or wind breaker with out obvious detection (collar down). If you had to sleep while wearing a military vest, this would be the one. Live fire testing: I placed 2 separate panels against ballistic clay and shot them with perhaps our most common and potent penetrating threat, fast 9mm 115 grain FMJ ball(PMC). Fired from a Beretta 92F at 21 feet (average gun fight distance). The doubled up ballistic panels stopped the round. It should be noted that the bullet did not get through even the first ballistic panel. I then shot one panel with 147 grain 9mm Winchester Ranger ammo. The single panel stopped the round. If these ballistic panels can stop fast 9mm FMJ, they will stop slow 45 ACP, 38 special, 380, 32, 22, and shotgun buckshot. Like all vests, the further the shot is from the vest, the better this vest will work to stop a potent handgun round. Based on damage to the panel shot with the 9mm, I doubt it could handle multiple hits in the same spot on the vest. It should be noted that although the rounds were completely stopped, there was deep back face deformation into the ballistic clay. Because of this, the panel could never pass NIJ standards, due to the back face protrusion (bullet pushing the vest into the clay). So what. This happens with all name brand concealable vests, but to a lesser degree due to design. The back face impact from fast 9mm on this vest would more than hurt the wearer of the vest to say the least. The more back face protrusion, the greater the blunt trauma injury. However, in my opinion, having no bullet penetration even with the pain from an extreme "hammer" blow caused by a bullet that was stopped by this vest, is better than a penetrating gunshot wound. It's better than dying. It is also my opinion, that this back face panel protrusion problem can be improved upon by sewing a seem around and through the outside edge of the panels (penetrating the kevlar)with a sewing machine (like standard police vests), and by securing the panels with additional velcro inside the carriers. This will cut down on the bullets ability to push the loose kevlar layers contained inside a nylon cover, backwards into the body. At the very least, one should add a soft armor trauma plate (available cheap) to this vest (via velcro) to address the back face trauma issue over the sternum area. Further modification: I also purchased a few cheap 8x8 class 3 armor plates that will stop AK, 308, & 223. Unlike the U.S. flak vest, this vest has a side entry system to get in and out the vest. This allows the modification of armor plates to be incorporated into the vest much easier. 8X8 steel plates are cheap ($25)because they are not standard (10X12)ceramic plates. They only weigh 4 lbs. These can be heavily velcroed or sewn via pockets into the front & rear of the vest for added center hit kill zone protection against rifle fire. This also provides great trauma plate protection against handgun rounds. You may need to add more Velcro to the panel/carrier connection to support the weight of a plate. The problem with steel plates is bullet sprawl (lead spray). This issue can be improved upon by placing the plate between 2 separate ballistic panels (Seal the panels around the plate with at least duct tape), thus trapping some of the sprawl. For those that say these vest are for explosive flak only and will not stop handgun bullets, this is obviously not true. However, as most have correctly stated, you should buy the best body armor you can afford. Then buy a few of these (along with a few Mosin Nagant rifles with a case of surplus ammo) for back up and for your many friends & family who are in denial about the slow horrifying SHTF freight train coming our way. If this vest is all you can afford, then buy it and gain some protection. It is all about the money. Obviously doubled ballistic panels from (2) of these vests combined in one vest($78)is the way to go, but even a single ballistic panel vest ($39) will stop some handgun rounds and is truly better than nothing. Add (2) 8x8 class 3 armor plates ($50) to one of these doubled up vests(total $128)and you have what is still a lightweight flexible/comfortable ballistic vest with some protection against center hits from rifle fire, at a fraction of the cost of top brand new or used vests with rifle fire rated armor plates. Within their limitations, these vests offer a good value to American patriots for the "Cheaper Than Dirt" price. There are no cheaper options out there. Pray, Train, Prepare & be a Good American Citizen to all who cross your path in peace. I hope this review was helpful.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 Rating Awesome vest !! - 10/30/2013
Reviewer: blackhorsearmyvet
Great Frag vest at even better price !! Videos on u-tube show vest stopping all the normal handgun calibers, and even shotgun slug. Yeah, you'd be hurtin, but alive !! Thanks, CTD
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 Rating Awesome vest !! - 10/30/2013
Reviewer: blackhorsearmyvet
Great Frag vest at even better price !! Videos on u-tube show vest stopping all the normal handgun calibers, and even shotgun slug. Yeah, you'd be hurtin, but alive !! Thanks, CTD
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
4.0 Rating This vest if Flaking great - 4/17/2007
Reviewer: BSG Fan
When I first put on the vest I found it to be a really good fit. Once I started to move around and play air soft, it came to me that due to the weight the vest can wear you down. All in all my experiences with the vest was great. If you like the whole armored look, and what to be sure that when you get shot by air soft you won't feel it then buy this vest.
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5.0 Rating I love it! - 4/28/2007
Reviewer: Koushiro
Ok heres gos! this is a damn good flak vest i too use it for airsoft and my team is a Jieitai team I E Japanese Defense force team and we love it! my guys and gals customized its to have 4 ammo pouches sown to the front (thanks to my wife and her friends) and it has a damn good flectarn pattern! its beautiful people only minus it will wiegh you down but other than that ITS AN A+ ^_~
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Flecktarn Camo Flak Vest Used One Size Fits up to 46 Chest
Flecktarn Camo Flak Vest Used One Size Fits up to 46 Chest
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