Ammo .40 S&W DRT Hollow Point 105 Grain 50 Round Box 1175 fps Copper Jacketed Compressed Powder Core Frangible
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Brand: Dynamic Research Technologies, DRT DRT
Item: AMM-5331
UPC: 897409001109

50 round box, .40 Smith & Wesson, DRT, 105 Grain, 1175 fps, Copper Jacketed Frangible Hollow Point.

Years of research and testing by Dynamic Research Technology (DRT) in conjunction with elite agencies world wide have created the deadliest ammunition available. This is the only ammunition used to safeguard officials and has earned the name "Dead Right There". The uniqueness of this copper-jacketed ammunition is in the compressed powder core which is as fine as talcum powder, as the bullet is fired it is spinning at such a high speed, when it reaches any part of the "target" and comes into contact with the organic tissue the hydrostatic shock of the soft material going into the hollow point actually makes the entire core projectile expand creating a fatal wound. The bullet will not pass through the "target" making it perfect for home defense or close quarter combat. Hit any part of the body to stop it dead in its tracks.

Ammunition is non-returnable. Please contact DRT directly for quality issues or concerns. (660) 564-2537

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is it safe to eat the meat of animals shot with DRT ammo?

Yes. The bullet does not open until it reaches liquid under hydraulic pressure or something small enough to get into the meplat of the bullet and blast the jacket off of the core. Example: a whitetail deer is standing quartering to the hunter. Putting the .223 79 grain or .308 175 grain, bullet into the point of the shoulder will have the same effect. The bullet doesn’t open until it is through the shoulder bone and into the body cavity. It will then continue to expand for 11-12”. At that time, the opposite side of the rib cage will be bruised. The area around the entry wound is bruised just like any lead bullet would do. That meat is ruined because of the bruising only. The internal organs contain 99% of the metal powder core. The hunter can cut around the damaged meat. If the powder core happened to get into the meat, it is easily identified and resembles shot from a shotgun shell.
2. How does it work?

The bullet has a copper jacket, just like any other lead core bullet. The difference is the core. The core is made from compressing 2-3 metals into a small cylindrical core. This core is placed in the jacket and has a cap placed on top of it to contain the core when the bullet is formed. The outside of the bullet will look just like a normal bullet.

The bullet opens after 1.5” of penetration. The bullet will continue to open for a funnel like pattern until it stops at 11-12” of penetration. Currently, all of our bullets are meant to penetrate the same depth. The different calibers and bullet weights will cause a different diameter of wound cavity due to several different factors. One is velocity and another is twist rate of the barrel. For instance, a .223 Remington round in our 79 grain bullet will typically cause a 4-5” wound cavity in 10% ballistic gelatin. The bullets will not ricochet on steel, but will penetrate bone and mild steel such as car doors.
3. Will it penetrate barriers (body armor, bulletproof jackets, auto glass, clothing, and bone)?

The bullet will go through anything that is not as hard as it is. The bullet proof jacket will contain the bullet. Auto glass is no match for our .308 175 grain bullet, which will not deflect as it goes through the glass and hits its target. Clothing is one of our most frequent questions. The handgun rounds will go right through any clothing and continue on just like they were designed. It takes the liquid matter under hydraulic pressure to make the bullet open. Water is not a good test because it is not as dense as human or animal tissue and temperature can have an effect. Bone is no match for our bullets either.
4. Is it accurate at long range?

All of our rounds are made to be accurate at long ranges. The rounds are made using only the most stringent manufacturing processes. All of our rifle rounds are weighed and inspected after loading to ensure that they are properly loaded. The bullets are inspected by hand as well. To get quality ammunition, you have to have hand loading standards.
5. Will it hurt the handgun or rifle that I am using?

No. Every bullet that is made in our facility is copper jacketed, just like 99% of all ammunition. The ammunition is all made to SAAMI specs using components from the most well known manufacturers.
6. What twist rates are recommended for the calibers that are available?

.223 – 79 Grain bullet – 1:7-1:9

.308 – 175 Grain bullet - 1:9-1:11

Handgun Rounds are short barreled and short range, so the twist rate for it to stabilize the bullet is not as crucial. If the twist rate was radical compared to the average twist rate, it could make a difference.
7. What advantage is there to using frangible, penetrating ammunition?

No pass through, bigger energy dump, and bigger wound cavities.

No Pass Through- the bullet is coming apart and only penetrates to 12”. If the target has an exit wound, it is not the bullet, just pieces of the core. If the core passes through, it would be like getting hit with a snowball if you were on the backside of the target.

Bigger Energy Dump – by not exiting the target, the round expends all of its energy inside of the target, thus hitting the target full force.

Bigger Wound Cavities – Typical wounds from our rounds are at least 2.5” in diameter. If it is a 9mm 85 grain round, that is a .355” bullet. So the bullet expands to roughly 7 times the original diameter. A normal bullet will expand to at most 2 times the original size. Bigger wounds, faster expiration date.

Non-returnable item. We will not accept any returns on this item.

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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
5.0 Rating .40 DRT Ammo - 1/28/2010
Reviewer: Belercous
This ammo holds tight patterns in both my .40 Glocks, at least out to 25 yds. No feed or function problems and has low-flash signature. The 180 gr. load didn't pattern well in my guns, but the 105 gr. load shot like match grade. I highly recommend this loading for Glocks.
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
5.0 Rating Handles Easily - 3/21/2010
Reviewer: Paw
These load, feed, and fired with no hiccups. I have a Wolf 9mm conversion barrel. I can fire .40 and 9mm from the same Glock with the switch of a barrel. The felt recoil is comparable to a round of standard 9mm ammo. All this and the price is great too.
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
3.0 Rating Old Stock Ammunition - 8/22/2012
Reviewer: dannyboy8711
I just bought this ammunition and discovered that it's part of DRT's old stock. Current DRT ammo has expansion cuts in the copper jacket around the hollow point (like Golden Sabres, Hydra Shoks, etc.). The copper jacket on these is smooth and the hollow point looks very different from new stock. The old stock ammo got a lot of bad reviews. I'm now worried about what I bought.
Was this review helpful to you? 
0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
4.0 Rating Old Stock - 10/9/2012
Reviewer: gimbel
As previously stated, the DRT ammo being sold by CTD is OLD STOCK. I purchased a box of this for use as home defense ammo in my M&P40. I have yet to fire a round of it, but have no doubt that they will go bang. I also contacted DRT via e-mail and received a prompt response, stating that they would exchange the ammo for new stock. Good news, but I still would have to pay additional shipping to the box to them. Based on video and reviews elsewhere, I have no doubt that this is a fine bullet.
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
3.0 Rating .40 S&W DRT AMMO - 12/13/2012
Reviewer: LARRY
Does not cycle in my Glock 23. Maybe should have bought the heavier bullet.
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Ammo .40 S&W DRT Hollow Point 105 Grain 50 Round Box 1175 fps Copper Jacketed Compressed Powder Core Frangible
Ammo .40 S&W DRT Hollow Point 105 Grain 50 Round Box 1175 fps Copper Jacketed Compressed Powder Core Frangible
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