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Posted:  12/1/2012 3:09 PM #35396

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Subject: Long trigger pull on conceal carry handguns
Been reading about common long pull triggers on small handguns. My question is why is this common? I recently tried a ruger 380acp and found the trigger to pull very hard in addition to very long. After about 15 rounds I developed a blood blister from the trigger pinching my index finger against the lower guard. I found that raising my finger made it surprisingly difficult to pull the trigger so was compensating by lowering it on the trigger to get more leverage.. I don't have this issue at all with my ruger P95. Are they all like this? Is there anything with a shorter, lighter pull?

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They have long hard trigger pulls because designers seeking extremely light weight and slimness had to leave off important safeties like grip safeties and frame or slide mounted hammer/firing pin blocks. Same reason revolvers have long hard double action trigger pulls. Those idiotic 'safe action' levers in the middle of the freaking trigger (WTF!!!) are accidents waiting to happen, and would be of no use if the trigger were accidently pressed save for a long and hard pull behind them. Even so, many 'safe action' and D/A .380ACP pistols only have a 4-6 pound pull as it is. Be careful out there! 

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