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Posted:  5/9/2012 10:06 AM #31602
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Subject: Gun Review: Arsenal AK-47 SGL-21 Rifle
James Grant on The Truth About reviews the Arsenal AK-47 SGL-21 rifle. Here is a part of the extensive review: "There was also a much more significant issue; my previous experiences with the weapon system. You see, the first semi-automatic rifle I ever bought was a Romanian WASR, and not just any WASR. This AKM variant was the poster child for every internet-rumored issue that ever allegedly plagued the WASR. She had canted sights, magazine wobble, uneven finish, vicious trigger slap and parts so loosely fitted that the dust cover once flew off after a string of 60 rounds.

My first experience with an AK had confirmed every rumor I’d ever heard – she was ugly, poorly made, inaccurate and heavy as hell. But despite all that, the gun was reliable. She never jammed and was a total breeze to strip and clean. Frustrated at my inability to hit a pie plate at 100 yards more than twice in a mag’s worth of ammo, though, I swore off AK variants forever. But you know the old adage, “Never Say Never.”

After countless hours of forum research and what felt like years of YouTube videos (or was that just one NutnFancy video?) I had decided to take the plunge again. But this time I wasn’t going for the bottom of the barrel WASR, I decided on a mid/high-end Arsenal rifle built on a Russian receiver.

I was initially going to purchase something from Krebs Customs but the lead time was too long once I had the money from my recently sold Bushy in hand. Since my last AK rifle was mighty old-school with a wooden stock and no sight rail, this time I wanted something a little more modern – something that resembles an AK-103 but in OD green. The AK-103 is internally identical to the AKMs of yesteryear but with the the addition of polymer furniture and an AK-74 style muzzle break.  The super-aggressive muzzle break doesn’t just look great, it really tames the recoil of the 7.62×39 round down to just above a .223."
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