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Posted:  4/24/2013 8:56 AM #37468
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Subject: Video: How Hornady Ammo is Made
(The Hornady Manufacturing is one of America’s premier ammunition producers and well-known for their quality hunting, self-defense, and target rounds. Founded by Joyce Hornady and currently managed by his son Steve, the company endeavors to meet its founder’s philosophy of “ten bullets through one hole” accuracy. To this end, Hornady’s over 300 employees strive to not only meet but exceed expectations. The company’s main facility in Grand Island, Nebraska covers over 100,000 square feet of production space, all of which is now dedicated to producing ammo for a market that some may consider woefully under-stocked.

The Grand Island factory is open for tours Monday through Thursday. For those who can’t make the journey to Nebraska, the National Rifle Association has released a video detailing the step-by-step construction of a Hornady round.

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