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Posted:  8/19/2014 9:38 AM #42772
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Subject: QUISLINGS: Ted Nugent ammo maker donates to Cuomo post-SAFE Act
QUISLINGS: Ted Nugent ammo maker donates to Cuomo post-SAFE Act. Quisling: noun 1.  a person who betrays his or her own country by aiding an invading enemy, often serving later in a puppet government; fifth columnist. Origin:  1940; after Vidkun Quisling (1887-1945), pro-Nazi Norwegian leader. You might be a little miffed if you found out a gun or ammo company was donating serious money to virulently anti-gun politicians’ re-election campaigns, right? Of course, companies have every right to donate to whomever they want, so too we have the right to spend our money with whomever we want.  And the makers of “Ted Nugent Ammo” probably aren’t going to be on that list after you find out they donated $7,500 to N.Y. Governor Cuomo’s campaign fund.



ALBANY (NY Daily News)— National pro-gun groups have largely holstered their checkbooks since the passage of Gov. Cuomo’s tough gun control law early last year.

…Surprisingly, the biggest donation, $7,500 from Buffalo-based bullet maker Pierce Munitions, went to Cuomo in June of last year — six months after the gun law passed.

A little further digging found that their check, (numbered 1594 for those keeping track) “ANDREW CUOMO 2014, INC.”

Here’s a picture of the company’s founder:

Andy Wright left a career as an ad executive to open Pierce Munitions LLC.
Jim Courtney/BizJournal

Pierce Munitions took to Facebook shortly after this story went to press and they began getting angry pushback from gun owners – especially gun owners in New York State.

Regarding the June, 2013 donation to Governor Cuomo:

The donation was given in support of the Buffalo Billion pledge that Governor Cuomo made for Western New York. Because our area has been traditionally depressed economically, this has brought on a building renaissance in Buffalo. As a small, start up company in the Buffalo region, we support other entrepreneurs and initiatives that grow our region, helping to employ our friends and family.

So they sold out their gun owner customers for a government handout?

Sounds like Andy Wright should have kept his career as an ad executive, because once word of his penchant for donating to the enemy gets out, business is going to be slow.

Posted:  8/19/2014 3:41 PM #42782

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Time for Ted to pull his name from this jackass.

Posted:  10/4/2014 11:34 PM #42793

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Ted most likely will drop this traitor, but what about all the contracted ammo already produced? Who do you think would be willing to buy it after all this? How, and to what degree, will Ted be responsible for any part of his contract from here forward should he decide to sever ties?

Posted:  12/19/2014 5:40 AM #42802

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