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Posted:  4/23/2013 10:00 AM #37451
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Subject: Editor's Notebook: Combat Mindset in Everyday Life
From The The recent events in Boston caused me to reflect on a video I'd seen recently. Wading knee-deep in documents for the annual "government gimmee" day is never something to which I look forward but is a drudgery that we all endure. It was while taking a (well deserved) break that I treated myself to a Panteao Productions video by Paul Howe. Normally I like to see the shooting videos, but this piece was a mindset lecture. Bored? You won't be. This thing isn't for the faint of heart. In it, MSG Howe explains how to get your mind right to face the world in which we live.

Who's Paul Howe? He's a retired MSG from the US Army. I can imagine his frown when I refer to him as a "Green Beanie" (think Mogadishu), but I was never much of a soldier. In fact, I look up to him and revere the experience which has led to his training system of which mindset is a crucial component. Is the piece critical to one's success in battle?

It doesn't matter if you're on the Response Team, a regular patrol car jockey, a school resource officer . . . a citizen, a parent, a former soldier . . . really it doesn't matter, this piece speaks volumes to your success when things get dicey.

We all think we know what we'll do or how we'll react, but it's something you have to consider, plan, practice in your mind and in training exercises. The video has some rough patches in it. There are things I'd not want my family members to have to see. Perhaps they should; the cold, ruthless murder put on video by terrorists and narc gangs will chill you to the bone. It should enrage you. It should cause you to make a promise to yourself, your loved ones: "I will never surrender."

The videotaped murder and mutilations of unarmed, non-resisting persons is profoundly unsettling. So much so, I found myself thinking about the Colorado congressional representative with a two-digit IQ who thinks that magazines are "bullets" and you'd do well with less of them. When the horrors present in the world are put front and center, as MSG Howe does in this presentation, you realize how critical the fight to remain an armed citizenry really is.

The fact that he also covers equipment, individual first aid/trauma care, tactical skills, physical training and the relative ineffectiveness of non-lethal force options is a bonus. The lecture is worth the effort in that it causes one to rethink the danger the Republic is in - along with the families living here.

This isn't about political parties, personalities or nannyish character traits; this is about prevailing in a fight for life. Are there other issues out there on which we may differ? Sure. The fact is, with no border security, an armed citizenry is more important than ever - not from migrant farm workers or some poor Joe trying to make a stake for his family, but from narco-terrorist smugglers (some of whom were apparently quite well armed by a rogue US government agency) and from various terrorists who may want to make the next big AQ splash in the news.

There's good information in here across the board, put forth chapter and verse by someone who's lived it, trained for it and prepares real operators for the battlefield. You owe it to yourself to give this a viewing. And to heed what MSG Howe is telling you.

For more information, see Combat Mindset and CSAT

-- Rich Grassi

Posted:  4/24/2013 2:08 PM #37479

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SORRY, But I'm not enthusiastic about developing a "combat mindset in everyday life." Living in a walled, gated, guarded retirement community, I am not likely to suffer a home invasion - probably more likely to be abducted by aliens and examined on a UFO. Aside from when I'm out visiting friends, attending entertainment or dining venues, or just shopping, all of which is not that often, I'll save my critical awareness for 'less than ideal' times and places.

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