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Posted:  9/27/2011 8:59 AM #28277
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Subject: Noveske Shooting Team 3-Gun Holster
By Chad Adams-The Noveske Shooting Team 3-Gun Holster was developed specifically for the shooting sports’ most demanding discipline to deliver retention, speed, protection and mobility. A high set of standards to be sure, but I think Noveske, in collaboration with custom holster maker Ready-Tactical, has done a remarkable job in delivering a competition-ready accessory.

The 3-Gun Holster was designed to provide reliable firearm retention without sacrificing speed during presentation. Developed in part by Noveske’s Rob Romero, a USPSA Grand Master, maintaining draw speed was high on the list of design criteria.

However, this is a 3-gun holster, and that means retention is arguably more important than speed, especially on the natural terrain courses of fire or stages heavy with prop obstacles. As such, the pistol locks into place with an audible “click,” requiring a definitive pull to bring the gun out of the holster. Retention is adjusted via the top, covered retention screw only.

An interesting feature on the 3-Gun Holster is the full hood designed to protect the rear sight from being hit, bumped or damaged during use. With the wide range of terrain, stage props and positions shooters are now required to maneuver over, through and around, gear that rides on a competitor’s belt takes quite a bit of abuse. The hood feature should go a long way in protecting the rear sight during a competition—welcome insurance against the sight getting bumped and losing zero.

Finally, Noveske claims the dropped, offset design enables freedom of movement for the competitor to get in and out of shooting positions. During testing, I found the 3-Gun Holster comfortable on the belt. After a familiarization period of getting used to the new position of my pistol, I found the holster conducive to presenting the pistol faster than similar Kydex-style holsters that require the retention system be defeated via a thumb-break or button.

One thing we see continuously on the 3GN Tour, from veteran and rookie 3-gunners alike, is stage and/or match disqualifications when pistols come out of holsters and drop to the ground while a competitor is negotiating a stage. This most commonly occurs with race-style Open gear, but also Kydex-style holsters which have little or no retention built into them. You can’t win if you go home early, which makes a reliable holster an essential piece of any 3-gunner’s gear.

“Whether running around barricades on a stage or diving hard into prone for long range targets, this holster provides enough protection of the pistol, specifically the rear sight, to eliminate any worries of damaging the handgun,” said 3GN Heavy Metal division leader Bryan Ray, who recently began using the Noveske 3-Gun Holster in competition. “Lacking mechanical retention, there are no devices to manipulate before the draw, but the holster holds the gun secure while running through a course of fire.”

The Noveske Shooting Team 3-Gun Holster, at first look, seems more than up to the task of fulfilling most competitor’s needs in 3-gun. I’ll take reliable over fast every time, but so far this one delivers both. With innovative features such as the sight-protecting hood, this is a product obviously designed by 3-gunners, for 3-gunners.

The Noveske 3-Gun Holster is currently available for Glock 34/35 (17/22) and 1911. The MSRP is $84.95.

For more information, visit the Noveske Shooting Team page at

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