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Posted:  9/29/2012 6:58 PM #34321

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Subject: Release the holyland foundation files... Holder has alot on his plate
"The project part 1"  on Youtube Glen beck has really opened up a political correct can of worms...  Well done.

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The foreign policy of the United States under President Obama is to support in every possible way the ascendancy of the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Arabic-Islamic world. Already successful in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, the administration's sights are on Syria, and eventually the Palestinian Authority. Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon are, for now, out of that loop. The war against AlQaeda is pressed because it is a competitor for the hearts and minds of the "Arab street" and a threat to the oil supply coming out of Saudi Arabia.
If the Holyland Foundation fits under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood, it is safe there.
Vote for Romney.  As often as they'll let you.

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