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Posted:  11/1/2012 7:52 AM #34910
CTD Blogger

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Subject: Zombie Hunting Gear: What You'll Need to Survive the Apocalypse
Field and has release a zombie hunting gift guide,   Photo Gallery by Phil Bourjaily. They say, "My takeaway from SHOT Show back in January: 2012 was the year zombies replaced whitetails as America’s number one game animal. They are everywhere, and the Mayan calendar tells us their time is here. Is the zombie shooting trend silly? Of course it is, but look at it this way: a lot of people have bought guns in the past four years and zombie shooting gets these new gun owners outside and shooting their new guns. They are having fun, and practicing, becoming better, safer shots and more responsible gun owners in the process. And, there is a lot of high-speed stuff available for the zombie hunter.

Here’s a gift guide for the aspiring or advanced zombie hunter."

Posted:  11/1/2012 11:52 AM #34921

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Cool. But if we don't get our act together, WE'LL BE THE ZOMBIES the liberals come 'gunning' for after November 6.

Posted:  11/2/2012 9:43 AM #34928

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Posted:  11/3/2012 6:07 PM #34954
guy fawkes

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m4gery and  a truckload of 5.56, green laser, night vision with ir illuminator. cold steel tanto...... good to go!@import url(;

Posted:  11/3/2012 7:45 PM #34956
kevin morningstar

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personally, our shtf kit was inspired by this whole zombie movement, so it seems fitting to include it in this discussion.  we have three contingencies to our plans.  first is staying in our home, waiting things out, defending it etc.  then we have a bail to secondary location plan.  then we have a living on the road plan.  since it waaaayyyy too much work to put everything on here, (and lets face it, im not going to give you all my details because in the apocalypse, its survival of the fittest) so lets start with the home.  first, we have plenty of guns, tons of ammo and enough food and water on hand at any given time to feed our family, and the families on either side of us, for 90days.  thats almost a year if it is just us.  we realize there will be no running water, so we have a plan for an out house, we have a garden already started that will dramatically double in size.  i have already made covers for the windows out of 3/4inch plywood and labeled them to each window so i can board up the house in under 30 min, in needed.  the back yard is secure with a six foot chain link fence that has wood attached and is very robust and so is the garage.  things we keep on had include, antibiotics (my wife is a vet tech so allot of the meds we take, she can get at feed stores) extra linings, an old school shaving kit, sewing items, and tons of trash bags (heavy duty ones, they are a multi use item that can be used as rain coats or to help gather water)  the secondary location is at the ranch my mom lives at and there we have the same basic provisions, the difference is, its well out of the way.  if things get bad and we are on the road, i carry all the normal things people think to carry.  assuming its me, my wife, and my two boys (who are rather young) we have two bail out bags.  one for adults, one for kids.  in my gear, i carry a heavy rifle and she carries an M4 style rifle that both take 556. and 120rounds of 556 each.  a side arm and 50rounds of .40. and one pistol griped shot gun with a detachable butt stock.  i carry that with about 10 extra buck shot rounds, and ten slugs. and she carries the butt stock, the long hunting barrel and about 25 rounds of extra bird shot ammo.  we each have a headlamp and sunglasses that occupy the same pocket.  a dedicated light on the rifles, and each of us has a  stream light stinger led that is basically a hand held spot light with an extra batt each.  we have a charger for that and a small solar panel that can recharge a battery in about a day.  we have meds, some food (mres) but mostly we carry stuff that will allow us to gather.  trash bags and foil and 3/8 clear vinyl tubbing and para cord.  the boys carry the light stuff, the tent and their extra clothes.  and a sleeping bag.  our kits are about 50lbs, not including the weapons (which most of the ammo is in the vests we have) , their kits are about 20lbs.  that is the basics of it,  i hope to god we never have to use any of it, but if we do we have the basics covered.

Posted:  11/18/2012 11:03 AM #35211

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I'm new at this . I just wanted to say , I think Kevin (previous post ) has the right idea . Be it Zombies or just a bad storm ( huricane , blizard ) . Know your suroundings and be ready to move and keep your basics handy !! Also , the " everyone has a job to do " idea is the best .

Posted:  12/2/2012 9:20 PM #35411
kevin morningstar

Joined: 9/16/2012
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yep. that is the idea.  be ready for anything.  a quick tip for anyone looking to get into prepping... befriend some Mormons.  most of my best ideas have not come from tv show or books but from my electrician buddy that is a Mormon.  they practice allot of self sufficient practices.  like keeping old 2liter bottles filled with water under the house for storage or buying top ramen and flour and can goods to fill a huge pantry then storing them in the attic.  you can watch all kinds of youtube videos on the subject as well, and also, think "multi task" like keeping an abundance of items in the house that can be used for many purposes.  my favorite is trash bags.  buy some heavy duty ones in bulk and you can use them as rain ponchos, use them to capture water, make shelters and so many other things.  fishing line is super handy, and cheap, clear vinyl tubing is a must!  did you ever think about using it to pull water out of crevices?  the more multi task the item, the less things you have to carry if you go out on the road.  also, practice with this stuff.  plan a camping trip and actually use this stuff before SHTF and that way you know if you can handle it when you still have help to figure it out. 

Posted:  12/2/2012 9:23 PM #35412
kevin morningstar

Joined: 9/16/2012
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Last Post: 2/18/2013
my newest favorit thing is a hardwar item called a hanger bolt.  its basically a stud that is a lag bolt on one side and bolt on the other.  i will use these on the tops of my windows so i can pre drill my already cut to size window coverings and it will allow me to bored up the house even faster.

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