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Posted:  5/6/2008 5:58 PM #15699

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Subject: Kel-Tec P3AT vs. Ruger LCP
Those of you wondering..I purchased both of these within the past 2 months and there is no comparison...the P3AT failed to feed out of the box 12 times in 120-130 rounds of ammo..the very first magazine full of ammo jammed twice..I immediately sent to gunsmith for a "fluff &; buff" which cost me an additional $40 but the pistol, fed okay with no jams afterward..USING ONLY BALL AMMO.....I DO NOT TRUST THIS PISTOL !!!!

I ordered a Ruger LCP and got it in record time....OUT of THE BOX it fed 250 rounds of various quality hollowpoints..FMJ balls of questionable foreign origin...and factory American made ammo WITHOUT A SINGLE FAILURE!!!
It fed everything both weak and strong handed ..I held the gun sideways and it shot fine..accuracy rivals a service sized pistol.

The Kel-Tec representative told me that "most guns need a break in period" Where did he get that from? or that I was limp wristing it...I own 14 pistols!!!

If you have a choice on purchasing a gun that you may need to save your life please go Ruger..its a roll of the dice with the Kel-Tec !

You hear me brother officers?!

Posted:  11/3/2009 1:20 PM #19890
Major Mike

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I am new to this forum and saw this post.  I own a P3AT and carry it everywhere.  Ruger LCP's are IMO equally a fine pistol.  In case anyone is wondering, the KelTec belt clip will fit on a Ruger LCP.  One of my deputies switched from KelTec to a Ruger and wanted the belt clip on the Ruger.  After searching several web sites to see if anyone had tried it, with no results, we tried it!  It works!

Posted:  11/4/2009 3:46 PM #19956
Colt Guy

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Thanks for the report infidell. I never did like the Kel-Tecs. One thing about Ruger firearms, they may not be pretty or the most accurate, but they do work.
Nothing beats the original!

Posted:  11/4/2009 4:24 PM #19959

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Kel-Tec makes the best $250 pistol you can buy.
Just be prepared to send it back for tweaking and a fluff and buff 3-4 times. After that, it'll run great!
Seriously though - these guns are pretty roughly finished, but they can be made to run great with an extensive break-in (500+ rounds, good luck finding that much .380 right now) or with a lot of polishing.

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