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Posted:  5/7/2013 1:44 PM #37643
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Subject: The Truth About Ammo
From Slow Facts by Rob Morse-There is a lot to know about ammunition, but I learned a little more at the NRA convention. Ammunition manufacturers are making and selling all they can. I asked every manufacturer, importer and distributor I found. Each said the same thing.  They are operating at least two shifts a day and six days a week. That is true for the component manufacturers who make brass and bullets too.  US shooters are pulling in ammunition from around the world!  So why are the shelves empty?  I think I learned about that too.  We are the problem, and that is a good thing.

I met many people at the NRA convention who are new to firearms.  One couple didn’t think they needed a gun until a few years ago.  They were not part of the gun community then, but they are now!  They approached things the right way.  They shopped, and then bought guns AND training.  Now they have their CCW permits and carry when they can.  They joined a local range to practice often.  This couple recently joined the NRA and this was their first convention.  Their story is typical and the NRA grew by a million members this last year.

We’ve sucked the store shelves dry.  It isn’t the government who is buying 22 ammunition.  It is us!  We’re using 22 ammo for training and sport.  The government isn’t buying shotgun slugs and rifle rounds for obscure imported rifles.  We are.

Look at gun sales and do the math without listening to the media spin.  New guns are not all going to existing gun owners.  In fact, serious gun owners have been reducing their collections so they can standardize on ammunition.  Gun sales have been up for years.  That inventory of new guns is being used by new shooters and we’ve emptied the ammunition shelves.  New shooters want to shoot and new guns get shot!

Look at gun sales as a leading indicator of ammunition sales.  Consider the number of new shooters and start building more ammunition manufacturing lines.  The demand is there.518488beece1d_image

I’ll look at the gun sales statistics when I get home.


Rob from Houston

Posted:  5/8/2013 10:33 AM #37668

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Thank you Rob for the info on lack of ammunition on the shelves. I've stopped plinking and training just to save what I have. On a side note, maybe I should buy stock in Federal, Remington and Winchester ammunition companies just to name a few. But even if I get rich doing that I still can't buy what is not there. Frustrating to say the least.
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Posted:  5/9/2013 12:13 PM #37686
Rob Morse

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Posted:  5/9/2013 12:19 PM #37687

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Thanks for posting the second part, Rob!
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Posted:  8/31/2013 11:10 AM #38981
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I found your charts about NICS very interesting. One thing I note is that here in AZ, if you have a CCW, there is no NICS check done. I don't know about other states, but I just wonder how many guns are sold that don't go through NICS. I think gun sales are even higher than the government wants us to believe.

Posted:  10/12/2013 6:38 AM #39374

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Georgia has the same procedure. As long as you have a valid CCW permit for GA, they do not run the NICS check. If memory serves, you can purchase up to 4 firearms at one time with no additional paperwork required. 
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Posted:  10/14/2013 8:13 AM #39376

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I know the "nonsense" that pops up is super annoying and we really have no way to fix it. I apologize for that. However, once you post, you can go back and edit the post and simply delete the "nonsense."
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