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Posted:  11/12/2012 8:23 AM #35100
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Subject: 10 Best Knives for Hunting, Fishing, Camping, EDC and Even Zombie Defense
( -You could use a single, smartly chosen knife that might adequately perform every outdoor task imaginable. But then you could not be my friend. I have a knife fetish, and am happy to admit it. And I look with pity (and some scorn) on those who take a one-blade-fits-all approach to the vast and enchanting world of cutlery. Therefore I propose my list of the 10 Best Knives For Practically Everything. Feel free to disagree. If you have strong opinions about knives, we’re half-way to BFF status already.
See them here.
The list includes:
CRKT Onion Skinner
DiamondBlade Pinnacle I Skinner
Duck & Goos Breasting knife: Laguiole Folder
Original Wyoming Knife
Gerber Air Ranger
Bahco Laplander
Opinel camp kitchen knife
Gerber Gator
Syderco Salt I
Condor Kukri Machete 

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