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Posted:  6/22/2007 1:25 AM #15763

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Subject: good cheap .22 handgun
what is a good cheap .22 handgun doesnt matter if its semi-auto or revolver some websites would be helpfull too

Posted:  4/16/2009 7:24 PM #15815

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it' good and inexpensive, never get cheap, it could cost you a hand or worse. Handgun range (accuracy) is in barrel lenght, a .22 will still travel a mile regardless if you hit or miss. Do you want something short barrled? Long? I have a couple of Walthers that I really like, plus a Smith that good, a ruger charger, (bulky) a couple of small 6 shot autos, a revolver, which shoots shorts, LR and Mag. So what is good to you. If it feels good in your hand, has a nice balance and weight. and the price isn't over $400.00 (I think most I've paid was 319.00) but it;s what's in your budget, that the best for you. If you like to rapid fire an auto is want you want, if you want to make sure you don't shoot yourself, a revolver works better.

Posted:  4/16/2009 11:50 PM #15845

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By my time and trial, there's not a whole lot that'll top a walther p22, got my girlfriend one for her birthday to start with and moved up to a .38 after. I got her the subcompact 10 round and even with that short barrel it'll still give a 4 inch grouping at 20yards quickfire (1round per second). Good luck to you.

Oh, i picked hers up used without a mark on it for 250 btw.

Posted:  8/30/2011 4:57 PM #27738

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no, they don't travel a mile, and they are certainly harmless at a 1/4 mile, from a pistol. The ammo companies say that 1 mile thing because so few people can judge distance worth a hoot.I gather that the Phoenix Arms HP 22 is not made anymore, or perhaps is made by another company? It was retailing for $125 6 years ago and was reliable and accurate. The safety is potmetal, so don't trust it. Just lower the hammer instead. I ground off the irriatating pc that would not let me reload or change mags with the safety off. I also Loctited out of commission the stupid firing pin safety.  A good, used, "skinny barrel"  4" Browning Buckmark can be had from private buyers for $200 on occastion and is by far the finest thing you can have in such guns. Heavy barrels are a pita for anything but Bullseye competition. Run some want ads on a few forums, check out and Gunbroker auctions.

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