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Posted:  1/15/2014 12:00 PM #40408
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Subject: Kahr Introduces Three New Handguns and a New Kahr/Spyderco Knife Series—SHOT Show 2014
(GunsAmerica) Whether you are looking for modern polymer frame pistols or the enduring Model 1911, Kahr has you covered. When it comes to a self-defense carry gun, you have to find a balance between concealability and function. Kahr has done a remarkable job with their slim, lightweight CT45 and CT40. These two guns achieve excellent concealability through the use of a single stack magazine, narrow frame and clean, snag-free design. However, Kahr didn’t do it at the expense of shootability. Both guns feature 4” barrels, and a full length grip holding seven rounds of either .40 S&W or .45 acp. With the stopping power of these two calibers and the accuracy of a 4” barrel, eight rounds should be enough to win the fight. A polymer frame, stainless steel barrel & slide assembly and an MSRP of $449 makes for a winning combination.


Kahr12Their third new gun is a Magnum Research 1911U. The U is for “undercover.” They bill it as full-size .45 caliber power in a concealable package; judge for yourself. The 1911U features an aluminum alloy frame, 3” bushingless barrel, and a six-round magazine. Weighing in at only 25.8 ounces, it also includes the standard custom features of their other 1911 designs—the 1911 C Model, G Model and GR Model. They all feature a skeletonized hammer, extended magazine release, extended thumb safety, checkered flat mainspring housing, and stainless steel full length guide rod. The 3-4 pound 1911 trigger pull and an MSRP of $949 completes a sweet package.


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