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Posted:  12/19/2013 10:45 AM #40017
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Subject: Glock 41 and 42 to hit the shelves in 2014?
( By Alex Allen-Rumor has it that the popular pistol manufacturer "Glock" will be releasing two new models of their popular sidearms next year. Speculation has already begun as to what the two pistols might be. Glock, a company that runs on the slogan "perfection," is known for manufacturing durable and reliable firearms that are popular among law enforcement officers, self-defense proponents, recreational enthusiasts, and competition shooters. And while some people criticize Glocks for being "cheap made" and "plastic," they have certainly stood the test of time and have become one of the most (if not the single most) widely used brands of semi-automatic pistols in the United States. In recent years, Glock has unveiled their new fourth-generation upgrades on most of the pistols in their lineup. They added a dual recoil spring assembly, (which was previously only in the subcompact models such as the model 26 and 27) an enlarged magazine release, a multiple back strap system, and a reversible "ambidextrous" magazine set up which allows left-handed users to switch the magazine release button to the opposite side of the pistol for easier access. Other than these upgrades, however, Glock hasn't really released anything new in several years.
A generation 4 Glock 19 chambered in 9mm.
Screenshot from Glock's website
A generation 4 Glock 19, chambered in 9mm.

Never fear, though! It looks like the company's drought might quickly be coming to an end.  Never fear, though! It looks like the company's drought might quickly be coming to an end. Rumors have recently been surfacing about two new models coming out in January, 2014. But if you're expecting a model 40, you might be out of luck. Several sources are saying that Glock might actually be skipping the model number 40 for fear that it could be confused with a .40 caliber. The two new pistols, according to several gun blogs and sources across the web, are the Glock models 41 and 42. No one is quite sure what the model 42 will be just yet but based on some posts that have been prematurely made on a few retailer websites, many believe that the Glock model 41 will be a long-slide, "practical/tactical" .45 ACP. Glock already has two practical/tactical models, the 34 in 9mm and the 35 in .40 S&W but they have yet to release one in the popular .45 ACP caliber. Glock's practical/tactical models are designed for competition and increased accuracy. They come straight out of the box with a lighter, perfected trigger, an extended slide stop release, and adjustable rear sights. They also have a full length 5" barrel, allowing for a longer sight radius, and a compensated slide which prevents the end of the slide from being too heavy. The only thing that is known about the potential model 42 is that it could be quite small. A leaked ad, which appears to have some validity behind it as it was allegedly featured in a recent issue of Guns and Ammo magazine, shows a lighter in front of a silhouette of a small Glock and reads "The only thing smaller that fires every time." In the bottom left hand corner, the ad says "The new G42: Coming January 2014." Many enthusiasts are speculating that the Glock model 42 could be a single stack 9mm while others believe it will be a .380 ACP.

Posted:  12/19/2013 1:07 PM #40019

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Regarding speculation that the Glock 41 might be a "longslide," forget about it. Nobody makes a Longslide anymore. Nobody, it seems, ever will again. Oh, there are mickey-mouse make-believe "longslides" out there, but they never offer more than a 6 inch barrel. Any boy past puberty will tell you that's not a "longslide." AMT made the only genuine Longslide pistol. I wish Rock Island Armory or Umarex or some other Filippino or Turkish maker would just take the plunge and go for it. For that matter, a Ruger or Remington or even a Taurus 1911 with a 7 inch tube would be welcome. My dream longslide? - Well, I already have it -an AMT customized into a full-on race gun, but I'd happily pay a grand if ParaOrd made a true longslide version of their 1911 with that beautiful LDA trigger. And it wouldn't hurt if they offered a factory model chambered for .460 Rowland or .45 Super. Now THAT would rock.

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