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Posted:  10/18/2012 11:35 AM #34660
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Subject: Expert Marksman Shoots Aspirin Pill at 21 Feet
by Outdoor Hub submitted by: National Rifle Association: has the ultimate headache cure, courtesy of “TacTricks with Patrick Kelley.” While previous videos have demonstrated his superior skills with a variety of firearms, the latest installment may be the most incredible yet. This month’s amazing feat of marksmanship has Kelley smashing an aspirin pill at 21 feet using a 1911 in a video you won’t want to miss—“Pat’s Pain.” ‘Pat’s Pain’ was a pain!” Kelley said. “Just setting up for that shot was difficult. Between  getting the sights adjusted ‘just so’ to having enough light on my sights to be able to place that Hornady 185-grain XTP bullet precisely on center took extreme effort—because anything less than the perfect removal of the aspirin from the wood dowel was not acceptable.”
Expert Marksman Shoots Aspirin Pill at 21 Feet

Posted:  10/18/2012 12:10 PM #34662

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He must be a "world-class shottist"! 

Posted:  10/18/2012 2:04 PM #34666

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I can shoot a pimple OFF a knats ass at 1000 yds

Posted:  10/18/2012 4:44 PM #34677

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I take aspirin pills. I don't shoot my friends.

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