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Posted:  8/6/2013 9:35 AM #38683
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Subject: From Editor's Notebook: Simplicity
From Sometimes simple is best, as in "almost always." The old saying, "Keep it simple, stupid," is hardly relevant when the problem isn't simple. Complex problems often require more than simplicity to resolve. On the other hand, unnecessarily complicating things is hardly helpful. We can quickly get to the point of diminishing returns. Recently, I was digging through a bag of products that had arrived from Safariland and found a flat plastic packet with a Bianchi Gunleather card. Inside were two flat rectangular pieces of leather. The sticker on the bag said it was the "Model 101 FOLDAWAY HOLSTER, Size 16, Part No. 24436 Plain 1 TAN 1 Black Right Hand."

Size 16, it said on the sticker, was for the Beretta M92F, HK P30-P2000-USP 9mm, Glock standard and large frames, SIG P220-series down to P232 and S&W M&P - among others.

M&P45C in Model 101 Foldaway holster.
Taking it out of the bag, I could discern a leading edge - where the leather was highest - and a trailing edge, where the leather was cut into a curve and back up. The front belt slot is tilted forward and the rear is cut like an "L" with a wide top.

Run the belt through the rear slot, run it under the 3 o'clock belt loop on your jeans then run the belt through the front slot. The leather can lay flat to the belt. Pull the middle out and place your sidearm between the belt and the leather rectangle.

You have a holster.

It's only friction tight and the gun sticks out the bottom. Sitting on a chair with arms can get the muzzle bumped and knocked up and out. Let the gun go to the ground; trying to catch a dropped handgun gets people shot - often the gun-grabber.

That said, the gun rides comfortably deep in the Foldaway. It's quick to draw and it keeps the gun close into your side. I've seen some commentators say it holds the gun closer than an IWB. It doesn't. It holds the gun as closely as a good pancake rig and that's very good indeed. I also noted that one reviewer said it doesn't cover the trigger guard.

Yes, it does. Check to ensure you have the leather rectangle right side up.

While factory literature doesn't explicitly say so, the Model 101 is ambidextrous, making it a handy training tool to train with the less dominant hand.
As we approach the onset of the Outdoor Wire Digital Network Concealed Carry Special Edition - it runs the first day of NASGW, Tuesday, October 29 this year - it was a good time to try this rig out.

It has the utility of the OSS String Holster -- but more so -- and it's only slightly less discreet. It's like a Yaqui Slide - without some of the Yaqui -- very comfortable and it pulls the gun in tight. I wore the M&P45C in this one. It doesn't flop about, the butt doesn't list out from the body and it's like the Roy Baker Pancake, again, without the pancake. It rides that closely.

At less than $15 retail, it's hard to go wrong. MidwayUSA was running them for a few bucks less. With that box of holsters you have that you don't use, you could buy a Size 10 and Size 16 to cover nearly any heater you have and wear it on either side as the situation demands.

I've now tried it and it's won a permanent place in the rotation for light to moderate duty.

-- Rich Grassi

Bianchi International

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