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Posted:  6/14/2013 9:37 AM #38115
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Subject: NYC Announces Bill to Regulate 3D Printed Parts
From by Nick Leghorn- A few weeks back, anti-civil rights California State Senator Leland Yee proposed registering and regulating all 3D printers in the state of California. In a state where technological advancements are all that is keeping them out of bankruptcy, it was quickly recognized as one of the dumbest ideas ever and Senator Yee promptly changed his tune. Now, another area that would like to attract more high tech companies is considering the exact same thing: New York City . . . From the Epoch Times:


A new bill to regulate 3D printed guns was introduced by Council Member Lewis Fidler (D-Brooklyn) on June 12.

The bill would amend the New York administrative code to make it illegal to use a 3D printer to create any part of a firearm unless the person is a licensed gunsmith. A gunsmith using a 3D printer to print any part of a gun would be required to notify the NYPD and register it within 72 hours.

So, no matter what the part is, so long as it goes on a firearm it would be illegal to produce in New York City unless you’re a licensed gunsmith. And if a gunsmith does print a part using a 3D printer, it must be registered with the NYPD within 72 hours.

First off, the bill is completely unenforceable. There’s simply no way to know who has a 3D printer, what that 3D printer is used for and where the parts go. That’s one of the best features of 3D printing, it’s a private operation with no oversight whatsoever by the government. Unless, of course, they also want to throw registration of 3D printers into the mix, which would be interesting to watch.

Also, it’s hilarious to think that the authorities are so scared of 3D-printed guns that they’re willing to make it a crime for me to prototype a new design for a safety for my 1911 without letting the police know what I’m up to.

This is the very definition of stifling innovation. And it’s happening because the politicians know that the existing laws just don’t work. People still have illegal guns, no matter how hard they legislate against them.

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