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Posted:  11/23/2010 1:35 PM #24768
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Subject: S.L.Variant Speed Loaders Available in the U.S.
(The S.L. Variant speed loaders, the speed loaders preferred by revolver pros are back in the United States. The S.L. Variant earned its reputation as the most secure and positive-loading speed loader in both competitive and real-world venues. The S.L. Variant is the most positively-loading speed loader on the market because the rounds are forced out with a "punch" thanks to the loaders individually spring loaded chambers. The S.L. Variant holds its rounds more securely than any competitive speed loader because of the individual locking cams. No more reaching in a pocket to find loose rounds accompanied by an empty speed loader! The large Sport Grip attachment (not shown, sold separately) simply screws onto the Variants threaded end, giving shooters a better purchase and more secure loading. The Sport Grip is also useful to shooters with injured* or gloved hands.

The 5 shot version will fit any J-frame compatible revolver, the various 6 shot models will fit any K, L, or N frame compatible revolver as well as a 6 shot for .45 ACP. The 5, 6, and 7 Shot Variants can be purchased at for $30.00.

"Anyone serious about self defense should own the S.L. Variant" -Michael de Bethencourt, lead instructor of

For more information or to place an order Contact Bobby Mac's at, (646) 9-BOBMAC or visit

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