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Posted:  2/6/2013 11:05 AM #36391

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Subject: My SKS A Yugo
Has anyone seen or heard anything about those being on the New ban List? Also I wonder if anyone out there has at least just one Tapco 20rnd Mag that they would like to sell? I would pay well! As per mounting and sights on these things esp. for hunting purposes what works best? I have an AK 74 which I bought for hunting but each time I add to it this thing becomes so much heaveir! So I decided even though the SKS is larger caliber that I would use it as it shoots so much cleaner and smoother! Now I would like to buy some really good sites to add to it. Also I recently saw a vid on youtube and so wished Id of kept the url as I saw thise guys whom customize them with leather and shorten them! MAN they did a great job and looked nice! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I am into Misurp weapons as well newer ones and like to stay with a certain platform caliber wise as to be able to one day learn to reload. Anyone on a local basis whom loves to teach about relaoding well Im a great student! :-)
Owner of just some:
Glock 17
Vepr 7.62x54R I am in Wuvvvvvvv!
Saiga 5.45x39mm
Saiga .410
Yugo SKS Love that one!
And more but not to worthy of mentioning!

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