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Posted:  6/9/2014 10:16 AM #42003
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Subject: Remington Versa Max Tactical With Trijicon Reflex Optics
From TheFireArm Blog: by Phil White- This is the first time I’ve had a chance to shoot the Remington Versa Max Tactical with optics I would deem appropriate for shotgun use. These optics are the Trijicon RMR and standard size reflex Trijicon sight. The Versa Max Tactical is a seven-port gas operated semi-auto shotgun with extended magazine that holds eight rounds of 2 ¾ inch shells. This allows the shooter to have nine total rounds with one round chambered and the tube full. The Tactical will handle up to 3 ½ inch shells. The way Remington has designed the Versa Max makes it extremely reliable no matter what ammunition is used. This can be anything from 1 ½ ounce birdshot up to slugs and 00 buck. When you load the Versa Max with a variety of shells you can well expect it to feed anything and everything you load it with. The seven-port gas system only uses those ports needed to cycle the action required by the load fired.



The operating controls are large, well placed and very easy to locate and use at speed. The safety is oversize as is the bolt release. The Tactical with the extended magazine and 22 inch ribbed barrel balances well in regular use as well as moving from one station to the next in a timed course of fire.


As I’ve mentioned earlier we used two of the Trijicon optics on the Tactical. I must say after using the standard reflex Trijicon and the compact RMR my personal preference is the RMR. At least for me the RMR provided a very good field of view outside of the sight itself but still allowed me to pickup the red dot, triangle reticle in any color. My favorite RMR was the fiber optic with a Tritium tube mounted on the fiber optic itself. Green has always been my preferred color reticle since the human eye picks up green better than any other color. An RMR is just very fast on target. If I had an RMR with the green reticle fiber optic with Tritium and the Picatinny rail mount I’d be a happy shooter when combined with the Tactical Versa Max.


In conclusion between the four of us we shot a wide variety of loads up to a round count of several cases of ammo. We had no malfunctions of any kind that to me is impressive since we mixed ammo types frequently and many times we fired very fast on the courses we ran.


Considering the reliability, accuracy and the excellent match with the RMR Trijicon sight I can’t think of a shotgun combination I’d rather use.



Alex C. wrote a previous review of the Versa Max you might like as well: VERSA MAX

- See more at:

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Eleven hundred bucks? For that? My Remington 1100 has a 10 shot tube, Mesa Tactical side saddle with room for 6 more and a picatinny rail over the receiver, fiber optic open sights, red-blue-green electronic dot sight, Surefire tactical flashlight, assault pistol grip stock, tactical bolt handle, full Duracoat finish, and it cost me $500 for the whole package. And it works just fine with everything I feed it.

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