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Posted:  7/8/2013 8:59 AM #38333
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Subject: The Next Phase of the Arab Spring
The Arab Spring was an exercise in irony, nowhere more so than in Egypt. On the surface, it appeared to be the Arab equivalent of 1989 in Eastern Europe. There, the Soviet occupation submerged a broad, if not universal desire for constitutional democracy modeled on Western Europe. 1989 shaped a generation’s thinking in the West, and when they saw the crowds in the Arab streets, they assumed that they were seeing Eastern Europe once again. There were certainly constitutional democrats in the Arab streets in 2011, but they were not the main thrust. Looking back on the Arab Spring, it is striking how few personalities were replaced, how few regimes fell, and how much chaos was left in its wake. The uprising in Libya resulted in a Western military intervention that deposed former leader Moammar Gadhafi and replaced him with massive uncertainty. The uprising in Syria has not replaced Syrian President Bashar al-Assad but instead sparked a war between him and an Islamist-dominated opposition. Elsewhere, revolts have been contained with relative ease. The irony of the Arab Spring was that in opening the door for popular discontent, it demonstrated that while the discontent was real, it was neither decisive nor clearly inclined toward constitutional democracy. Read more »

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The Muslim Brotherhood was Obama's proxy during the Arab Spring, and remains so in Syria's delightful civil war. May it last forever. Obama's grand vision of an Arab world from North Africa to Turkey ruled by Muslim Brotherhood Islamists seemed within his grasp - Tunisia overthrown, Libya overthrown, Egypt overthrown - only Syria and Jordan remained and the encirclement of Israel by bloodthirsty violent Jihadist states would be complete - and those states would at the same time be friendly to their patron and guardian angel - America. But it all fell apart with the Egyptian fiasco. Morsi governed as Obama has tried to govern - and got the same results - a collapsing economy, scandals and oppression. Egypt's "47%" who elected Morsi learned, then turned. America's "47%" are much slower learners. Now, Syria. Baathist neo-Nazis and Hezbollah on one side, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda on the other. What could be better? We should arm one side, let Russia and Iran arm the other, and hopefully they will fight forever, filling Hell with infidels. An election gives a government legitimacy, even so, an election is not a suicide pact. The Egyptian people, and their army, acted in desperation to save themselves and their victory is a huge personal defeat and rebuff for Obama.

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