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Posted:  10/20/2012 6:33 AM #34704

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Subject: Reality & "so called" Zombies

Be advised...the 'hollywood zombies' don't stop until a brain destructive incident occurs. NOT TRUE with the actual humanoid walking type that will be looting and rampaging when that time comes. "conserve ammunition" and use ONLY as needed. True history proves and tells us that severe internal body organ trauma will render the "zombie" permanently immobile. If the infrastructure of the power grid is 'down' that is my key to get my BOB, and my remaining stash of weapons & ammo and get the hell out of inner city confinement. When Cell phone coverage is rendered useless that is a communication situation that even the military and the law enforcement are going to suffer through also. I think those two VERY large groups will have a MAJOR effect on the total panic induced. Even right now with no major communication breakdowns there are those reported and unreported instances of "M & P" panic and mayhem. AND they are usually and generally quite heavily armed. Don't want to see them in a panic, they are bad enough when the communications lines are 'OPEN'

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