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Posted:  8/18/2014 9:39 AM #42753
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Subject: Judge allows off-duty officers to carry guns at Minnesota Vikings games -- for now
By The Associated Press, MINNEAPOLIS — A judge has struck down — for now — an NFL policy preventing off-duty Minnesota police officers from carrying guns at Vikings games.Two police organizations challenged the rule, arguing that NFL policy cannot trump state law. Judge Ivy Bernhardson ruled Thursday in favor of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association and the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis. However, the NFL's policy will remain in place pending further court guidance. The judge hasn't set future court dates. The ruling applies only in Minnesota.


Police groups argued that even off-duty officers need to be armed at Vikings games, to protect themselves and the public.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said that the policy is designed to keep fans safe. He says the NFL will continue enforcing it until the matter is resolved.

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What will it take to get it through Greg Aiello's thick skull that the best way to "keep fans safe" is to encourage CCW permit holders to carry their weapons when attending games? No place, no venue, is as unsafe and dangerous as a gun-free zone.

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